Noticing more and more people clad in hilariously oversized t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets, but without any apparent sense of humor, Bryan Pudney and three of his chums decided to make their own version of the overly long garment to mock these irony-lacking souls.  One fine spring day they hit the slopes of Whistler, in 4 long, large, brightly hued, yet unnamed hoodies. They expected a reaction, but the reaction they got was one of appreciation, applause and even envy. No one got the joke, but Bryan got the point.

“It started as a joke due to all the tall-tee kids in Whistler,” says Thuggie creator Bryan Pudney. “I decided to sew four obnoxiously bright giant hoodies for my buddy’s birthday to wear spring skiing in 2009. We got swarmed by people wanting to buy them. My friend and now business partner Kim [came up with the] name: the Thuggie. It combines the absurdity of the Snuggie with the idiotic notion that wearing super long tee’s somehow makes you gangster.”

While I’m not sure I can identify with sporting a Thuggie on the slopes, its universal appeal as an apres ski/snowboard garment can not be challenged.  Think of how sweet a Thuggie would be for that cold walk to and from the hot tub, after a long day shredding powder, or for just lounging on the couch taking in the latest ski porn.  And, you can dress up your favorite tall-boy can or bottle with the same steeze as your self with the Chuggie, which are sold as singles or in a 6-pack.  For more information, check out



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