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During the ridiculous storm cycle in the end of March, I literally couldn’t get out of the valley.  It was all I could do to ski all day and sleep.  I was completely out of groceries, desperate for  good food, and a lot of it.  I went to Fireside Pizza three times that week and it got me through the powder madness with power.

The simplicity is cornerstone for me at Fireside.  If I’m really hungry, it’s the delicious and meaty Fireside Pizza (Large-$25).  If I’m wanting a more interesting lingual delight, it’s the elegant Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza (Large-$23).  The salads at Fireside are much better than any other pizza place I’ve been to.  The Caesar (Large-$11) is fantastic with large thin shavings of parmesan cheese and the Mediterranean (Large-$12.50) is succulent and huge (good for 2 or 3 humans) with artichoke hearts and feta cheese.

The Location is key; right in the middle of the Village about a 3 minutes walk from the KT chair so you waste no time getting there and getting back on the hill.

fireside pizza kt 22Fireside is in the lower left of this picture

The Food is exquisite with the highlights being the Fireside Pizza (mushrooms, peppers, onions, Italian sausage, and pepperoni) the Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza (with arugula on top), the Caesar Salad, and the Mediterranean Salad.

ceasar salad fireside pizza

The Atmosphere is Tahoe chic with an urban-style exposed-piping ceiling.  Big screen TVs all over play the favorite sports game of the day.  There is also a bar where you can chill and watch pizzas being hand made.

firesida pizza

The Service is quality with happy snow humans serving and relaying stoke from the day’s skiing.

rockin’ fireside

The Zagat Rating is right on the door and it’s a good ‘un.  This’ll give anyone walking thru the door confidence in the menu.

zagat rating for fireside pizza


I’d recommend Fireside to anyone who likes gourmet pizzas.  Of all the options you have in the Village, I’d say Fireside is the go to.

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