cornice on the village at squaw

The cornice on the village at Squaw is downright frightening.

Yet another goddamn powder day at Squaw Valley USA International Mountain Resort.  Squaw got a foot overnite and it was damn good this morning.  The KT line was evil, tho.  So we spent most the day in the Red Dog/Squaw Creek vicinity.  Which sucked because no one got in there before us to put in some tracks.  The whole filthy thing was deep fresh snow…annoying.  I got more faceshots then you can shake a stick at today and that was all before 12:30pm when I went into Wildflour, overate, and went home.

ski deep snowSick of shots like this yet?

The skiing was great in the morning but started to get pretty wet in the afternoon.  I was was soaked by the time I went in.

The wind was ripping up there today.  Squaw has had 100+ mph wind gusts every 15 minutes from 12:15pm until 5pm (current time while writing this).  The wind was strong enough to close KT at 3:00pm.  Shirley was opened in the late morning then closed again by 1pm.

That same wind caused white-out conditions most all of the day today and left the Cable Car stuck and dangling right in front of Tram Face swinging out of control with people on it. Apparently there was a major malfunction on the Cable Car, but they fixed it and got everyone off safely.  Squaw has the Cable Car on “maintenance hold” for tomorrow.  More details will be forthcoming.

The conditions in the Valley right now?  Full-on white-out with honking winds and snow.  It never ends…until tomorrow that is.

kt lineThe evil, serpentine KT line today.

The upper mountain is going to be absolutely perfect and wind-buffed tomorrow.  Did you hear me?  Perfect.

The new numbers:

682” of snow at Squaw now.

100+ mph wind gust at Squaw every 15 minutes between 12:15pm and 5pm ( and maybe longer, we’ll see).

3pm is when KT Closed today due to wind.

red dog chair close to groundThe Red Dog Chair with a skier actually touching down half way up = lots of snow, humans.

andy hayes

Andy Hayes is my, and many other’s arou, dream lover.  Here pictured getting ready for the Pain McShlonkey event that was postponed until tomorrow