The Headwall Chair is not exactly looking “primed and ready”.

How do I know this ski season is becoming certifiably ludicrous?  Because the SHERIFF (who was actually wearing an avalanche transceiver!) just came to my house and told me I should evacuate due to high avalanche danger that will exist thru Sunday, that’s how.

Decidedly not leaving, I dreamily gaze outta my second story window, getting an eyeball full of snow to the middle of the window, and think:  “C’mon how damaging could an avalanche be here?” Answer:  The house I live in on Sandy was hit by an avalanche in the comparably huge winter of 1983 and was condemned.  So…pretty damaging.

The view out of my second story window.

my house and car, humans

Here’s what you can see of my house and car right now.  Avy path to the right.

I’d love to Eloquently Entice you with Wonderous Words about how Absolutely Ape-shit it is in Tahoe but, I know that you simply want the numbers.

45” of new snow at Squaw in 24 hours on 3/24/11.

7-14 feet of snow in Tahoe in the past 7 days.

223” of snow have fallen at the summit of Squaw in the month of March alone.  (Alpine is reporting 280”, they are right next door, humans!)

670” at Squaw so far this season and our average is 450”.  (Alpine claims 788”.)

12-24” of snow forecasted by Saturday evening.  It keeps coming.

#1 snowiest winter on record in Squaw Valley history.  (they’ve been recording since 1959)

7th snowiest season since 1879, when they started recording on Donner Summit, if you put our 670″ on the Donner Chart.

13”of snow in 1 hour at 8,300’ at Squaw yesterday evening between 6:30pm and 7:30pm and during that same 1 hour, 4″ at my house in Squaw.

100mph wind gusts consistently on the ridge at Squaw between 12:15pm and 4:45pm  on 3/24/11.

120mph wind gusts consistently on the ridge at Squaw between 2:00pm and 4:45pm  on 3/24/11.

I-80 has basically been closed due to avalanches, whiteouts, and accidents since Sunday, 3/20/11.

Schidiot’s, Tram Chute, Sacrafice, and McConkey’s, 4 lines that many consider to be the most technical lines at Squaw, have been hit all within the past week.

“Yes, but what does it all mean Basil?”  It means that the snow has been bottomless, the skiing has been epic, and that there has been an uncontainable energy amongst the bro-brahs at Squaw.  What it really means it that this is, in actuality, the best winter that Squaw has ever had and the past 6 weeks have been the highlight.  It’s been non-stop since February 16th and frankly, as stated in an earlier post, I’m sick of face-shots.

Trees off Squaw Creek Chair on 3/24/11.

lots of snow on a house in squaw valleyRandom buried house on Sandy way.

“Ok, well what’s it doing in Squaw Valley right now?” you may ask.

In reply, I’d gracefully answer “It’s f$%king dumping!  What the hell did you think it would be doing?”

Here’s the Red Dog Chair about 1 inch off the ground on 3/25/11.

Top of Red Dog Chair.

snow on sandy waySandy Way, Squaw Valley, snowbank.

front door snowThe view out of my front door.  Yeah….that’s snow.

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