Silverado Powder Hucking

Silverado Powder Hucking


Silverado Powder Hucking


I got my first ever first chair on KT this morning, and all I had to do was get there at 3:30am.  I brought my journal, though and wrote down deep thoughts about deep snow by starlight.  It was a morning I’ll never forget…until I skied down KT and realized that the snow was ABSOLUTE CRAP and that I’d wasted my morning and my profound meditations on repulsive frozen mank.

Luckily, I was diligent and voyaged on to the promise land of Silverado.  How could anything be bad with a name like that?  Promise land it twas.  Silvy opened at about 9:15 and I got in three laps before I saw another human.  How sweet is it to be riding up Silvy looking at a completely untracked landscape and thinking “hmmm, what should I hit totally fresh next?”  I’ve had worse days.

The big news of the day was that Siberia broke down and patrol had to evacuate 6 skiers via ropes and bad-assness.  I’m sure patrol loved every minute of it.  Those rope systems and the dangle-monkying that go along with them are certainly enough to satisfy those dynamite happy adrenaline junkies.  Silverado, Emigrant, and Headwall were put on hold while this operation went down.  Only Headwall was reopened…which is excellent because now there’s a chance that Silvy got a little new snow and some wind-buffing and could be the go-to again tomorrow am.  We’ll see.  I’ll “twitter” it and letcha all know.  Doesn’t “tweeting” sound like something you’d do in your pants?  “Dude, I just tweeted”.

What didn’t open today, March 7th, 2011?  Granite Chief Peak, Mainline Pocket, The Palisades.

Chimney session tomorrow?  Methinks yes.

The two exciting lines in this video:  Gott’s, The Drifter.

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