Rubber Neck from the “Barbie” angle

Disclaimer: “Backcountry Zones” is by no means any sort of guide book. Rather, it’s a broad, very broad sometimes, overview of areas in the Jackson Hole backcountry. Lines and areas described in these pages are meant to give readers a beginning to their backcountry adventures, rather than a specific plan. Areas change drastically from year to year, and even storm to storm. The user is expected to do their own reconnaissance, route finding, and decision making in the backcountry and is also expected to be prepared with appropriate avalanche, medical, and rescue training.

The line with more of a side view

If you’re starting off trying to shred Rubber Neck by googling “Rubber Neck, Jackson Hole,” you’re probably way over your head. So why post about it? Well, it’s more to show what’s out there than to encourage you to go schuss it. It’s an amazing, highly aesthetic line on the lower shoulder of Cody Peak.

The Upper Face

From the top photo, the line is fairly straight forward- riding down through the first choke onto the hanging snowfield, going through the second choke and then out the bottom cliff band. As far as getting there, well, if you don’t know how to access it you probably shouldn’t be shredding it 🙂

The Lower Face

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