MyPakage (it's underwear you perv)

MyPakage (it's underwear you perv)


MyPakage (it's underwear you perv)


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ATTENTION GUYS: your package can use some improvement.

Honestly dude if you are going to invest in one body part it’s going to be your package.  With MyPakage you can have comfort downstairs all because of a pair of underwear.  MyPakage is a revolutionary men’s underwear company, and if you are wondering how mens underwear can be revolutionary just take a look at MyPakage. Basically it’s about keeping your frank and beans on the same plate, in one area free from contact of the legs. MyPakage features comfort side panels and provides support and a great feel (their patented keyhole comfort technology).  The side panel’s contour to the natural shape of your package and the material is a thin very breathable mesh. I traveled with MyPakage on my flight home and they instantly became my favorite pair of underwear. Now I only use MyPakage when I travel. MyPakage works great for skiing and prevents the “Newton’s cradle” effect when in bumps or jumping. Guys if you put money toward one thing on your body make it your package and invest in MyPakage…..the underwear you perv.

For more information check out …..and to buy in Canada visit:

Unofficial Networks, Unofficial Whistler, My Pakage, MyPakage, underwear, gear review, frank and beans, comfort, dick and balls.

Unofficial Whistler, Unofficial Networks, MyPakage, Frank and beans, underwear, good underwear, comfort technology, key hole comfort technology

Unofficial Networks, Unofficial Whistler, MyPakage, Black and yellow, underwear, best underwear, Key hole comfort technology, frank and beans

Unofficial Networks, Unofficial Whistler, MyPakage, Underwear, frank and beans, same plate, Best underwear

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