Photos of the Week - Deep Winter

Photos of the Week - Deep Winter


Photos of the Week - Deep Winter


The Deep Winter photo contest is going on this week in Whistler. Check out the UnofficialWhistler site for more info.  The contest brings in top photogs from all over Canada to work with athletes for a few days in an attempt to get killer shots and win some money.  That made me start thinking about the Salt Lake Shootout photo contest that we have here in SLC.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the Shootout for the last few years. During the events local athletes get to meet and shoot with hand selected professional photographers from all over the world. Last year I got a few good shots with local pro Michael Brown. Here they are:

Daryn Edmunds, Hiking Snowbird, Hiking Powder, Skiing, Ski, Weston Tele

Doing a little hiking in the shadows of Snowbird with Weston Deutschlander.

Daryn Edmunds, Michael Brown Photos, Skiing Powder, Alta Skiing

This shot was taken at a super secret shooting zone near Alta. If the light was not so shitty I think it would have been even better.

Mike and I got second or third runner up in the Air category with this photo. I dig it. Nice one Mike.

P.S. You still have my radio sucka.

Melt Bot, Daryn Edmunds, Jesse Bryan, Michael Brown Photo, Downtown SLC, SLC Library

Captain Backcountry vs. Melt Bot. $10 to the first person who correctly identifies the person playing Melt Bot.

Daryn Edmunds, Skiing Powder, Deep Snow, Skiing Deep

Another shot from the super secret zone. This ended up being the deepest turn of last season for me.

Check out Mike’s website.

I am sick of putting photos of me up on the site, and I am guessing that you are sick of looking at my hot ass. Therefore, I am asking all of you to send me some quality shots. Do it!!!

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