Jackson Is Riding Great Again

Jackson Is Riding Great Again


Jackson Is Riding Great Again


Well, it felt great to have another sick day in Jackson.  It has been about a week now where we were hitting bottom.  Today things changed. It was only 5″ but it was thick and the wind kept it great all day.  The Bowl was amazing from first tram to the last, and it was only near the bottom on the South facing where you could feel the sun layer.

There must have been some announcement I missed, but guess going out the gates was the thing to do today.  At any given time, there were probably more people on the Four Pines hike then people sitting on Thunder. There is plenty of room, but the main thing you needed to avoid were the masses of college kids wandering around out of bounds with no clue or backcountry gear.  But, at least they were nice enough to offer advice to the locals.


The snow was absolutely dumping out of the sky. You know when it snows so hard that it’s kind of a nuisance? I mean I love powder skiing as (…)

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