Revelstoke Pre-comp Storm Day

Revelstoke Pre-comp Storm Day


Revelstoke Pre-comp Storm Day


Revelstoke Mountain Resort might be the perfect ski resort. If you imagine everything you want, it is all here. Steep, super long, good snow, amazing trees, pillows beyond your dreams and even fun groomers. We had a hell of a good day storm riding the venues and trees. After two days the surface has not even been scratched here.

Allegedly the backcountry here is out of control in both size and sickness, but we have not seen it yet, because the sun has not shown up yet.

With 5500+ vert and more trees and cliffs than you can shake a Canadian hockey stick at Revelstoke is truly my dream mountain. I have never seen anything that holds a candle to Snowbird except for Jackson  in the last 10 years, until now…. More to come…

Qualifiers are tomorrow, wish us all luck!

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