Inside The Snowbird Ski Patrol

Inside The Snowbird Ski Patrol


Inside The Snowbird Ski Patrol


Some people think they are tough. Some people actually are tough. The guys and gals on the Snowbird Ski Patrol are in the later group. After a long day on the hill working to keep your ass safe and cleaning up tourists who splatter themselves all over the hill, the average Snowbird ski patroller can look forward to doing it all again at 6:00am the next day. This crew is made up of skiers that range from first year guys to 40 year veterans, and they work together like a finely oiled machine.

I would like to mention that I think the Snowbird Patrol has done the best job I have seen in my ten years here at getting terrain open quickly this year. From all of us who ride the goods that normally take a while to get open “Thank you!”  I worry a little less when I am on top of a big line knowing that these guys have my back. Do yourself a favor and hug a patroller the next time you have a chance. It is a great way to get your mountain karma strait.

This film was put together by my old friend from back in the day at the GMD, Mr. Michael Marantz. Mike is a great videographer and editor, who I could probably learn a bunch from. Thanks Mike.


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