Dynastar XXL: Best Ski Ever

Dynastar XXL: Best Ski Ever


Dynastar XXL: Best Ski Ever


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So either you have heard of them, have been passed by someone on them, or have not skied for the last 5 or so seasons. The Dynastar XXL is in many people’s opinion, including mine, the best ski ever made. No, it does not have rocker and that is a drawback. However, while little Joey Freeride is out backseating the hell out of his reverse cambers and telling everyone how cool skiing without poles is some dude you have never heard of is out there killing on an old pair of XXLs.

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I can still remember my first run on a pair of these little beauties. It was in the bookends and I went top to bottom in about 5 turns. I immediately texted Brady Newton “OGM! XXL is best ski ever!” For some odd reason that likely has to do with the fact that ski companies are among the worst managed companies in the world Dynastar has decided not to make the XXL any longer….Why!?!? When you invent a winner you don’t scrap it just so you can push new product. This is exactly like what Rossi/ Look did when they ditched the Turntable Heel? Luckily they brought it back after a few years of stupidity.  We can only hope Dynastar will do the same.

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When it comes to charging in cut up pow and crud there will never be a better ski than this.  When it comes to skiing really deep untracked pow it might not be the absolute best, but lets be honest, how long does that uncut snow last? If you ride at the bird you know that the really fresh stuff only lasts a few hours and after that you need a stick than can handle some chop. This season I have been riding softer more playful skis to try something new, but I really miss the stability and speed that these puppies allow. I still have a set of XXLs hanging in the garage, and if you like to ski fast you should grab a pair if you have the chance. I promise that they will not let you down.

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