Photos of the Week

Photos of the Week


Photos of the Week


This week I got to do some shooting with Ogden, UT based photog Chad Spector and the super fun Provo brothers at Solitude. These guys know how to make it happen on the hill and have a really good eye for features.  That brings the Solitude count up to 2 days for this week. Check out Chad’s Blog at

Ian Provo, Powder Skiing, Ski, Skiing, Solitude, UT,

Ian Provo slashing by one of those rad twisty trees that thy have here and there at Solitude. We waited at the gate for the rope to drop so we could get this zone fresh and it was super worth it.

Neil Provo, Powder Snowboarding, Riding Powder, Snowboarding, Solitude, UT

This is a dope shot of Neil riding in the trees. We hung out in the woods all morning, because the sun has not showed up for the last week or two and we needed some contrast.

Daryn Edmunds, Powder Skiing, Skiing, Ski, Solitude, UT

There was some pretty rad snow off the Summit Chair when it got opened up. I think the camera makes me look kinda dumb….what do you think?

Neil Provo, Snowboarding powder, snowboard, deep powder, Solitude, UT, Chad Spector

This was the shot of the day. The rings of pow jumping out in front of Neil are really rad and unique. If you think you could make this shot happen you are probably wrong.

Daryn Edmunds, Backseat Skiing, Powder skiing, Solitude, UT, Chad Spector

Here is the weakest photo of the day. I am sucking pretty hard in this shot. The roller did not fall away the way I thought it would and I ended up super backseat. I need more practice.

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