Dec. 23, 2010 - Telluride Powder

Dec. 23, 2010 - Telluride Powder


Dec. 23, 2010 - Telluride Powder


Well it sure was exciting waking up to some fresh snow in town this morning. After being teased for the past few days with inflated forecasts and missed storms, we finally had some decent pow to ski today. It wasn’t a huge dump or the best snow, being a tad wet, but man was it fun this morning. Chair 9 was AWESOME first thing with deep snow, face shots, and a ton of smiling faces! I love skiing when it is storming and at times this morning it was absolutely puking! Some HUGE flakes were coming down. The woods were skiing really good, still some crap to look out for underneath but well worth it. Just stay low and keep them tips up! There was a good crowd lapping 9 and things got tracked out pretty quick.

When I made it out to Chair 12, the lines out to Genevieve had seen quite a bit of traffic already but were still skiing really sweet. The holiday crowds were definitely out in force again today but I don’t think as bad as the last few days. Things still got tracked out rather quick and I called it a day rather early. Definitely one of the better days this season so far.


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