Bet Your Ass it Gives Me Wings

Bet Your Ass it Gives Me Wings


Bet Your Ass it Gives Me Wings


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I want to talk about one of the most important pieces of gear to me. It isn’t a fancy one piece or some sweet new pair of super stiff skies. It also is not a goofy hat or tight pair of long underwear. I want to let you know my super important opinion on Red Bull. This stuff rocks and if you disagree then you are a tool.

Some people need there coffee in the morning. They can’t stand to face the day without it and come up with all kinds of lame excuses for there bad attitudes and general laziness when they don’t get it. I am not a coffee guy, although I have been giving it a try lately. Instead I usually sip casually on a Red Bull on my drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon every morning. I am even lucky enough to have a Smith’s on the way. The great thing about buying Red Bull at Smith’s is that it is only $1.89 as  opposed to the $2.29 charged at most places.

Anyway, here is the scoop. Red Bull fires me up for a day on the hill. Being fired up is important,  because the sweet new snowboard your mom bought you isn’t going to ride itself. I consider the morning Red Bull to be an essential piece of gear for a day of shredding. You are your most important asset on the hill and a sharper more energized you will do the trick better than plain old you.

Of course there are a ton of nock offs to choose from, but I roll with the Original because thats just how I roll. Plus it tastes better and think of all the rad Sh*t that they do with the money that we spend on their product. The Red Bull Air Race and Red Bull Rampage are super sick events that are free for the public to watch and bring the worlds best pilots and bikers together in one place to kill it. If you are going to spend a few bucks a day, why not spend it on something that makes you cooler and makes the world cooler at the same time. So spill your double skim latte on the curb and get your act together with Austria’s finest export.

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