Not the best day skiing but still fun A grey bird day on Whistler | Unofficial Networks

A grey bird day on Whistler

A grey bird day on Whistler


A grey bird day on Whistler


As Skiers and Snowboarders we hate things that hinder us from making it to the mountain. “Our kind”, hates injuries, climate change, and city drivers. However what is worse than the city driver, is the car trouble. The spinning, smoking, hissing or growling. stationary or stalling, beeping or blinking machines that we so rely on to get to the mountains often present the above characteristics.The paragraph above was a paradigm for what happened to me deterring my arrival to Whistler Blackcomb until two o’clock. After I clicked into my bindings I headed straight for CBC on Blackcomb (all the lifts on Backcomb are open), thinking that’s where the best snow would be. Wrong, the snow we found was rotten. rotten. rotten.

I heard from friends that the top was good, but with bad light I spent the end of the day in the trees……..Better luck next time I guess.

last word: IT NEEDS TO DUMP

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