A little Alta Action

A little Alta Action


A little Alta Action


Last night I got a call from Jonny Cracroft, a local photographer and buddy of mine. He wanted to go shoot some BC at Alta early this morning and I had no good excuse not to go. Johnny and I and Snowbird bro Eric Fabri met at Alta at 7:45 am and got the green light from patrol right away.

We were first onto the chairs, before all the other bro bra’s that were headed out shooting. It was like a friggin Pro Bro convention in the parking lot this morning!

What I failed to notice when I was packing my car this morning was that is was wicked cold. I dressed for a normal tram day at Snowbird and that was a mistake. The first two chair rides on Collins and Supreme pre 8:00am were brutally cold. It was like 2 fing degrees!

It all ended up working out and we didn’t freeze to death. It was actually kinda warm in the south facing zone where we shot all morning. I am super glad that I got out there today. It was one of the more beautiful mornings of my life, and we got some great turns.

Most of the skiing on the video is from inside the resort after the shooting. I had to take off the helmet cam while we were taking the shots, because who wants to see some tool with a camera on his head in a photo.

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