Sunset over Squaw Valley - Lake Tahoe

Sunset over Squaw Valley - Lake Tahoe


Sunset over Squaw Valley - Lake Tahoe


Night Sky over Squaw Valley

The Night Sky over Squaw Valley

Ok, who saw the insane light show in Squaw Valley tonight? That was insane…. unworldly!  I don’t think these photos are going to do it justice but ask anyone who saw it and they will tell you what an incredible sun set it was. Well, while I got you here look at my silly, trippy photos of the sunset I mine as well tell you about the skiing today.

Photo of Sky over Lake Tahoe

Today we got Headwall. A bit late getting open since it has been skiable for the past few weeks. Hey Squaw! what about Granite still not open!? All that fresh powder  is now gone and we never got to ski it. The rain has really taken a toll on our snowpack. We are still in good shape for it being mid December but a week ago we had a lot more snow and in much better shape. but I digress. The pounding rain from the past few days made the majority of the skiing off headwall ( North bowl and Sun Bowl ) super smooth. Below that the snow got a bit too saturated.

Squaw Valley USA at sunset

Squaw Valley USA at Sunset

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