The Game of G.N.A.R: Candidate Interviews

The Game of G.N.A.R: Candidate Interviews


The Game of G.N.A.R: Candidate Interviews


Griffin Post was crashing at HQ for the Squaw Valley stop of the  Freeride World Tour when he got a behind the scenes look at last weeks interviews for The Unofficial Game of GNAR. Griffin is the current leader of the Freeskiing World Tour. Congrats on the lead Griffin but watch out for Blaster, Arne Backstom of the United States who is just 24 points behind ya. This should make for one good showdown at the Freeskiing World Championships in SnowBird next week. 

Game of GNAR interview The Game of G.N.A.R: Candidate Interviews

Conceived by Rob Gaffney and Shane McConkey, Squaw Valley is currently holding a contest to determine what skier can win the game of GNAR (Gaffney's Numerical Assessment of Radness), which involves rowdy skiing, cliff hucking, and embarrassing acts (like skiing naked). Griffin Post gives us the first update on the contest.

The attitude in the waiting room is a bit tense. The garage that’s normally filled with wax scrapings, broken skis, and half-empty kegs is now holding 25 eager ski bums all waiting to interview for a spot in’s 25k—winner take all—game of G.N.A.R. The game of G.N.A.R. (Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness) is a points-based game conceived by Dr. Rob Gaffney and Shane McConkey, and revolves around skiing Squaw Valley, California. Essentially, each line, cliff, and embarrassing act is assigned a point value, and competitors will try to accumulate as many points as possible over the next two weeks (for more detailed rules check out the book Squallywood).

Upon leaving the garage the candidates are escorted upstairs and set in front of a panel of judges made up of Gaffney, Timothy Konrad, Grant Kaye, and Sherry McConkey. With cameras rolling (the entire event is being made into a film), the judges begin firing absurd questions at the candidates. It’s the second night of interviews so the judges are really beginning to hit their strides. “Demonstrate how you ski on the rug,” demands one. “Are you still a virgin?” asks another. “When was the last time you sharted?” inquires Gaffney. Some of the interviewees are frazzled, others remain cool, and all the while the production crew behind the cameras is on the verge of tears.

After two nights of interviews and nearly 50 candidates, the panel of judges has to cut the field down to 20 participants. It’s by no means an easy decision—all the candidates are worthy. However, with a production crew that can only handle 20 people, the field had to be narrowed. After much deliberation the judges cut the field to the following athletes:

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