SV Big Mtn team racks up some G.N.A.R. Points

SV Big Mtn team racks up some G.N.A.R. Points


SV Big Mtn team racks up some G.N.A.R. Points


These guys were going to interview for the game of G.N.A.R. but they remembered they had school…
Wildon DesLauriers and Ryan Faye, age 14 and 15, skied some cool stuff on Mainline Pocket yesterday. The lines up there have set up perfectly and the snow has held in tact for nice steep soft landings.
Wildon and Ryan launched a sizeable drop with a very calculated landing known as "Far Right Rock" according to the book of Squallywood, thus accumulating some points in the game of G.N.A.R. Here is what Squallywood has to say about this line:

"Area: Mainline Pocket
Line: Far Right Rock
This is a blind but kind air and can be hit many times before the landing gets tracked out. You can take off from the rock itself or from the cornice above. In low snow, your trajectory must be precise, as several rocks are scattered in the landing. In medium to high snows, it can be hit in nearly any direction except hard left. In low snow, the air is 35 to 40 feet. It drops 20 to 30 feet in medium snow and sometimes disappears at high snow levels.
Difficulty: Low snow, 7. Medium snow, 6. High snow levels, 2.
Hero factor: Generally high. Very high if taken from the cornice.
Fun Factor: ****"

Wildon and Ryan skied this line in medium snow levels, and launched from the cornice above the rock. The air was around 30+ feet, and they both stuck it (twice):

Great job guys- nice skiing! Hope you're keeping track of your G.N.A.R. points!

The team is heading to Snowbird, UT, and then Grand Targee, WY on Thursday to compete in Junior IFSA Big Mountain Freeskiing Competitions.  Updates to follow.  But in the meantime you can stay current with our blog:

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