Live ski report: Feb. 7, 2009

Live ski report: Feb. 7, 2009


Live ski report: Feb. 7, 2009


Skiing Helmet Cam Video: Squaw Valley from Timothy Konrad on Vimeo.

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The day started with about 2-4 inches of new snow. Not quite what were where hoping for but as the day moved along more and more snow started to accumulate creating more of a powder feel. It seams to have stopped snowing for the moment but it has been off and on all day.

By tomorrow morning we should have some solid powder riding with up to 8 additional inches on the valley floor. So bring out your storm lenses and powder boards and come get some.

10:30: Dumping @ squaw 3-4 inches up top.

12:00- Mostly dust on crust action.

12:30- Its still snowing off and on but we really need a few more inches to start hucking.

1:30 – Good skiing off Headwall. The snow is starting to add up filling in pockets here and there.

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