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Oldie But Goodie | Dude Sending it in his Birthday Suit

February 27th, 2013 by
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Guess this guy forgot to factor in the lack of wind resistance without clothes.  Looks like a a painful crash even with the added protection of outerwear.  This clip comes from longer video put out by a rowdy crew.  They are bringing riding back to the days of the Whisky movies, where riding is just something to do between drinks.

Pipeline at Snowbird Skied BN | Biggest BN Since Vanessa Aadland’s Last Season?

April 27th, 2012 by

We all remember Vanessa Aadland skiing Mt. Superior Naked last June 1st. It looks like Superior will be completely melted out well before then this season. In honor of Mr. Shane McConkey and of Vanessa’s moves last year Ben White and his buddies skied Pipeline BN at Snowbird recently. The video is kinda long and does not show as much skin as all you pervs would want to see, but here it is to prove that the deed was done. The music is kinda rough too….

Anyone else got any good BN footage, or stories? I heard a good one about a guy hurting himself last week at Snowbird trying to BN Death Chute…

Skiers: Eric Green, Riley Conley and Kendra Green, Ben White

Ben’s Words:

We checked the report on the Snowbird website seeing if Pipeline would be open. It was, so we packed our bags and the requisite stuff. Rolled into patrol at the top, checked in, then headed on our way. Some dude with a kickass moustache named Jeremy asked to join us because his partner bailed on him. So we made a new friend. We hiked up, took some pictures, got on top, did the sketchy rock/ snow down climb into the top of the chute, then waved Jeremy goodbye. That’s when we decided to get naked. It was pretty much a group consensus, with one of us saying “It’s a nice day, let’s get naked” and the rest of us saying “sounds good.” Our skiing party had three nude dudes and a topless girl. The girl did not want to take her boots off to get fully naked because it was pretty sketchy standing up there. That’s totally fine, because most people don’t go skiing shirtless regardless of the terrain. When we got to the bottom, Jeremy was there kind of hanging out. We surprised him, but fortunately he got our exit on film. We got clothed again at the bottom of the chute, then skied the rest of the morning and then headed to class.

Naked Back Flip | How Many GNAR Points?

September 26th, 2011 by

Watch this dude send a BN Back Flip

Somehow this video has been hiding for the last two weeks, but now that we’ve found it we can be sure to properly award Rob Thomas GNAR Points. The video was shot on Rob’s 41st birthday at Mammoth Mountain . He calls it the birthday suit backflip. [editors note: it's pretty bad ass to be doing back flips at 41, naked or not]. The video’s awesome, he hucks so hard he almost hits his head on the takeoff.

What’s the point total?

G.N.A.R. The Movie Showing in Bariloche was DAMN FUN | Berlina Brewery

August 20th, 2011 by
berlina bariloche gnar the movie 2011

My favorite thing about the showing was how stoked people were on all the schwag we gave out.  Unofficial beanies, T-shirts, and GNAR dvds.  I explained the two meanings of … Read More

BN Skiing and Other Adventures in the North Cascades | North Cascades National Park, Washington

August 9th, 2011 by
extra cover

So do we get extra GNAR points for skiing naked, past 6 hikers that came out of nowhere just as we dropped in, and proceeded to act like they were … Read More

Vanessa Aadland BN Update: Your Questions Answered

June 3rd, 2011 by
Vanessa Aadland, naked skiing, superior naked, lcc naked, gnar, gnar points

Vanessa Aadland’s impressive feat of BN skiing on June 1st did not go unnoticed on the Internets. Unofficial experienced our most page views in a day ever on June 1st … Read More

GNAR | Air Jordan Naked -Guillaume Vassas You’re the Man!

March 21st, 2011 by
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HOLY S#*T, Guillaume Vassas hit Air Jordan Naked! Yep Naked! This single BN just escalated the game of GNAR to the next level. In-fact he might have just put a cap on the BN. BN’s on Whistler Blackcomb will never be the same. I remember discussions of peeing in the middle of AJ, then Guillaume goes and does it naked WTF!

Good Job man, Dr. Gaffney will have to properly award you points.

Japan | The no-Pow Edit

March 9th, 2011 by

In February I traveled to Japan… Ever since I saw Ja-Pow in movies I have wanted to go (I have had an obsession with skiing in Japan). So when the opportunity came up to travel to Japan and film the Asia section of Unofficial Networks Skiing the Seven Continents project I was stoked. I overpacked my bags and left 80cm outside my home in Whistler, BC. Got on two flights, two trains, a bus, and a taxi and finally met the crew at the Hakuba Powder Lodge in JAPAN. To make a long story short, the skiing sucked. really warm + really windy = skiing in resort and BN’s (resort GNAR).

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Happy G.N.A.R. DAY | March 9th 2011

March 9th, 2011 by

One year ago today we held the only “official” Day of GNAR here at Squaw Valley, USA. It was decided in the following days that March 9th will always be held as International GNAR Day. So here is to the First Ever Day of GNAR. Post or email in your photos/videos of you playing G.N.A.R. If it makes it to the Home Page we will send you out a singed GNAR Poster.

Happy G.N.A.R. Day!