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The Cult Phenomenon that is Saucerboy

To learn more visit Who was Saucerboy? Where did he come from? And how did his popularity soar to cult proportions? Today Saucerboy is known as the alter ego that … Read More

The greenhouse effect, from the Jason project

Global Warming, Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise

Make no mistake – the earth is warming. I’m not going to get into the politics of global warming here, this isn’t the place for that. Whether you believe that … Read More


Yosemite’s Forgotten Valley | Hetch Hetchy Valley

There is another Grand Valley in Yosemite, Hetch Hetchy Valley, but in 1913 it was decided to damn the valley to hold more water in the Sierras. No matter what your … Read More


Top 5 Things To Do | Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park is one of the most diverse landscapes in the lower 48. Glacial studded mountains, deep lush rainforest, and a pristine ocean environment. It’s a bit of a … Read More


How Squaw Valley Won the 1960 Winter Olympic Bid

How Squaw Valley Won the 1960 Olympic Bid By Mike Wilson (the journalist not the stuntman) In October 1955, Squaw Valley co-founder Alex Cushing got a condescending letter from a powerful … Read More

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Scott Schmidt and Glen Plake Going Big In Chamonix | The Climactic Sequence to the All-Time Cult Classic, Blizzard of Aahhhs

It must be because snow is in the forecast, but look at what we found-the final sequence to arguably the greatest ski movie ever created! In our greatest ski movie … Read More

Martin Lentz killing it

IFSA VIDEO… Martin Lentz killin it this season!

The past several years we have traveled across the continent to some of the biggest junior freeride competitions. Both the IFSA and JFT provide the opportunity for young and upcoming skiers … Read More

Schmidt Main

Classic Post: License to Thrill | Schmidt, Plake, Hattrup

Do you wanna get a private tour of the Chimney from Scot Schmidt?  How about some Squaw Valley Palisades footage with a few shots from Mainline Pocket of Plake, Schmidt, … Read More


Squaw Valley is One Step Closer To Becoming Its Own Town

PRESS RELEASE: OLYMPIC VALLEY, CA – August 6, 2013 Residents of Squaw Valley have formed a new organization, Incorporate Olympic Valley (IOV). More than 275 registered voters out of a … Read More

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10 Things You May Not Know About Snow.

10 Things You May Not Know About Snow 1.  An average snowflake is made up of 180 billion molecules of water. 2.  Around 12% of the Earth’s land surface is … Read More

Tamarack, CA

Greatest Snowfall Records of All-Time

  All of these Snowfall records occurred in the Western USA.  We suspect there are some pretty big numbers coming out of Alaska, but there’s no one there to record … Read More

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Hazel Birnbaum Straight Kills it!! | 2012-2013 Self Edit

Hazel Birnbaum is a ripping skier out of good old Kirkwood, California. She was competing all  last year on the FWT and I think she consistently picked the coolest lines … Read More

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Classic Post: In Defense of the Chimney

Andrew Hays shares some of his thoughts on Squaw Valley’s Chimney in this email to our editor. Lately there seems to have been some considerable controversy surrounding the legitimacy of … Read More


Skiing on the Moon? | NASA’s Official Report.

Apollo Chronicles: Jack Skis the Moon  + Play Audio | + Download Audio | + Historia en Espa単ol | + Join mailing list This is the second installment of Science@NASA’s Apollo Chronicles. January 17, 2006: Now this is a ski … Read More


State of the Backcountry 2013: XIV | Sponsored by Alpenglow Sports

This is the last formal “State of the Backcountry” report for the 2012-2013 season. The first day of summer is this upcoming Friday, June 21st, and if you feel like … Read More


Tahoe Ski Resort Reopens This Weekend For Skiing & Riding

Boreal will be reopening this Saturday for the 4th Annual Summer Shred Day. Lifts will be spinning from 10 am to 2 pm on the summit quad.  Lift tickets are $25, … Read More

Jillian Raymond via Brewer Creek

State of the Backcountry 2013: XIII | Sponsored by Alpenglow Sports

Tahoe is almost snow-free and we’re a few days out from the middle of June. Still feel like sliding on snow? Head a few hours north to Mt. Shasta and/or … Read More

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Classic McConkey: Volant Machete “Commercial” | Shane Gets First Chair

Shane McConkey was good at a lot of things, one of them being humor. In this 2000 “Commercial,” Shane kicks some serious ass in order to claim first chair. Taken … Read More

Who started the fight?

Skiers vs. Snowboarders | Who started the fight?

The jury has deliberated and here is the verdict. The long battle of skiers vs. snowboarders was initiated by a snowboarder. As viewed in the video from the early 80’s, … Read More

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Ryan Faye’s Season Edit is Most Likely Better Than Yours


Niagara Falls, from worldphotoartistic

Renewable Energy – Spotlight on Hydroelectric Power

This week we’re going to take a closer look at one of the oldest and most widespread renewable energy resources – hydroelectric power. Hydropower utilizes the enormous potential energy of … Read More

AE Sending

State of the Backcountry 2013: XII | Sponsored by Alpenglow Sports

Above the Arctic Circle the archipelago known as Svalbard is an absolute Candy Land for adventurous skiers and riders. This unique frozen wilderness is home to some of the most … Read More

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Squaw Valley Season Wrap Up Video by Aaron Fox

Aaron Fox season wrap up video from Squaw Valley.

Toby Schwindt enjoys a brief moment of winter on May 7th in the Tahoe Basin.

State of the Tahoe Backcountry 2013: XI | Sponsored by Alpenglow Sports

It’s been a sunny spring in the greater Tahoe area, but there’s always at least one late season blast to throw things out of whack. That blast came in over … Read More

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Sierra Snowpack is at 52% of Historic Norm

Sierra Snowpack is 52% of Historic Norm

cliff jumping god’s bath california

Swimming & Cliff Jumping at God’s Bath | Best Swimming Hole in CA

G These photos truly don’t do it justice.  This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  There are hundreds of places like this in California that are all … Read More