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April Snowstorm Could Be A Record Breaker

April Snowstorm Could Be A Record Breaker A snowstorm impacting the Twin Cities late Tonight and into Friday morning could be a record breaker. If the storm fulfills its potential … Read More

Whistler Skier Mike Douglas

Classic Clip: Mike Douglas Rant About Freeskiing

If you think Freeskiing is a new sport, think again. Mike Douglas sounds off in a Rick Mercer-style rant about the History of Freeskiing, proving that the recent rise of … Read More

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Old School Shane McConkey Talks About Freeskiing Competition and IFSA

Shane McConkey started the International Free Skiing Association (IFSA) in 1996.  The IFSA now has over 1000 members worldwide.  Shane was the organization’s founder, president, and an athlete. “The beauty … Read More

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Watch: Opposite Direction Rodeo 540 Fist Bump

Swedish skiers Jerry Öijer and Fabian Omne toss rodeo 540s in opposite directions and nail a mid-air fist bump. The trick has since been dubbed the “Awesome Brofist.” [source:]

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Watch: Roy Kittler Stomp a Crazy Massive Transfer

Roy Kittler doing a crazy transfer “Eastern Germany’s finest freeskier, Roy Kittler discovers a sick line through the castle’s features filmed 100% with GoPro at the Suzuki Nine Knights presented … Read More

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The All-time Best/Worst MTB Crashes

The All-time Best/Worst MTB Crashes


30 People You’ll Meet On Every Ski Trip [Buzzfeed] recently did a list of 30 People You’ll Meet On Every Ski Trip. Here are the Top Ten.   1. The friend who manages the best wipe-out. Yes, the person in the … Read More


Switch Telemarking | Incredible Moonwalk Skiing

Switch Telemarking | Incredible Moonwalk Skiing

afghan ski challenge

Skiing…. Afghanistan Style | The Afghan Ski Challenge

Skiing… Afghanistan Style by Newsweek Bamiyan is to Afghanistan what Kurdistan is to Iraq. It is home to the Hazara minority, Shia Muslims who were treated with special harshness by … Read More

Toys going skiing

Extreme Toys Go Heli-Skiing! Snowboarding & Freeski Playmobil Adventure

Karim Rejeb creates extreme sports stop-motion with playmobil characters, in this episode the playmobil riders explore the snowboarding & freeskiing world with the help of a playmobil helicopter! Related Post: … Read More

'Ski Bum Bandit' Bank Robber

Suspected “Ski Bum Bandit” Bank Robber Arrested

Photo Courtesy of the Salt Lake City Police Christopher Ryan Huntzinger, 42, has been arrested by Cottonwood Heights Police. Authorities believe that Huntzinger is the “Ski Bum Bandit” who robbed several banks in … Read More

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Top 101 US Cities With The Highest Average Snowfall

Top 101 cities with the highest average snowfall in a year (population 50,000+) 1.  Syracuse, NY (housing, pop. 140,658): 115.6 in 2.  Clay, NY (housing, pop. 58,836): 115.6 in 3.  Anchorage, AK (housing, … Read More

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Top 10 Chairlifts in the Western United States | According To The Examiner

Eric Wagnon writing to brings us a look at their list of the Top 10 Chairlifts in the Western United States.  “This series covers the “top 10″ chairlifts– not … Read More

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TGR Getting The Goods in Italy [Sony Mind's Eye]

Sony Mind’s Eye Season 2 – Dashing Italy “In this episode of Sony Mind’s Eye, Dash wanted to use the Action Cam ( to abandon the conventions of your run-of-the-mill … Read More

julian donatelli cerro negro

Julian Donatelli | Photographers Favorites | Bariloche, Argentina Photo Gallery

Lake Nahuel Haupi and Lago Moreno este.  Bariloche, Argentina. Julian Donatelli is a local professional photographer in Bariloche, Argentina who was nice enough to share these photos with Unofficial.  His … Read More

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Today Was A Sleeper Powder Day @ Alta [The Daily Pow]

Shredding a 16″ storm after a meager 1-3″ was predicted overnight. Visit for ski conditions, daily reports and the video diary.

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Classic Post: The Loop N’ Poop™

The Loop N’ Poop™ (formerly the Strap and Crap) is a patent-pending device that helps lessen the chance of messin’ your pants when participating in outdoor activities. -  [Thanks SnoCru!] 

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Neurosurgeon Dies After Colliding With Another Skier @ Snowmass

Paul Cohen, a Cincinnati neurosurgeon, has died a week after sustaining injuries while skiing at Snowmass in Colorado. Cohen sustained serious brain trauma when another skier collided with him sending … Read More

Speed Skiing New recored holder Simone Origone

Watch: Italian Sets New World Speed Skiing Record (156.8mph)

A new speed skiing record was set today on the speed course at Chabrieres in the French Alps. Italian Simone Origone broke his own world record with a speed of 252.4kmh … Read More

skier Markus Eder

Days of My Youth | Markus Eder

Days of My Youth | Markus Eder In the latest Sneak Peek from Red Bull Media House and MSP Films’ epic Fall 2014 release DAYS OF MY YOUTH, take a … Read More

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Season Highlights From Bridger Bowl’s Monster Season

It’s only April 1 and Bridge Bowl has already hit it’s season snowfall average of 350″. Here are some highlights of their monster ski season.

Alta Ski Area

Forest Service Asks Federal Judge To Dismiss Snowboarders Lawsuit Against Alta

The U.S. Forest Service has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by four snowboarders against Alta Ski Area. The lawsuit claims that Alta’s ban on snowboarding is unconstitutional. … Read More


New Zealand Company To Offer World’s First Hot Air Balloon Skiing

South Island Balloon-Skiing, located in New Zealand, is a new company that will be offering the world’s first hot air balloon accessed ski trips. The company plans on rolling out … Read More

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Legend Scot Schmidt – Salomon Freeski TV S7 E12

Legend Scot Schmidt – Salomon Freeski TV S7 E12 Scot Schmidt is a legend in Freeskiing. He is the original pro freeskier and became a household name in skiing after … Read More

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Classic Clip: OH MY GOD – Tuckerman’s Ravine Crash….

April 9, 2011 – “Hiking Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington in New Hampshire along the Chute. A friend and I are standing behind the boulder to avoid oncoming sluff. I … Read More

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Working For The Weekend 4 – Vermont Backcountry

Working For The Weekend 4 – Vermont Backcountry “With ample March snowfall, Ben takes a break from skiing ice crusted New Hampshire chutes and tours out to some fun backcountry … Read More