Gift Idea: US Ski Team To Release Nude Calendar | Just Take Our Money...

Gift Idea: US Ski Team To Release Nude Calendar | Just Take Our Money...

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Gift Idea: US Ski Team To Release Nude Calendar | Just Take Our Money...

Just because someone is on the US Ski Team doesn’t mean they have it easy.

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Bottomline, not everyone is Lindsey Vonn or Ted Ligety. Most of the B and C team athletes have to pay their own way when it comes to dryland training, recovery, and summer training in places like Portillo and Wanaka.

“Athletes on the Ski Team who are below the A-Team level have to pay for their travel expenses. This can range from between 15,000 – 35,000 dollars per year. To help share our story and raise these funds, we created “Under the Suit: Bodies of the Ski Team” 2017 calendar.”

So in order to allow our athletes to focus on the falline instead of fundraising, they’ve collaborated with some famous ski photographers to release a scantily clad calendar to raise money for those lower tier and developmental athletes.

Buy one here: Under The Suit

The Athletes

Men: Ted Ligety, Andrew Weibrecht, Brennan Rubie, Michael Ankeny, Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Nolan Kasper, George Steffey, Florian Szwebel, Mark Engel, Nick Krause, Tommy Ford, Bryce Bennett, Patrick Kenney

Riding the #rokajack 🚡⛷🏔

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Women: Laurenne Ross, Anna Marno, Alice McKennis, Alice Merryweather, Breezy Johnson, Tricia Mangan, Jacqueline Wiles, Nina O’Brien

Didn't find any Greek gods up here but the view was still pretty rad #4000isalotoffeet

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Option 1

  • Purchase One “Under the Suit” Calendar
  • Comes with every World Cup Race listed.

Option 2

  • Purchase 1 of 10 limited edition “Under the Suit” calendars signed by Ted Ligety

Option 3

  • Holiday Gift Pack – Includes 3 or 5 Calendars
  • Don’t know what to get your friends or family for Christmas? Get a great gift, that will help a great cause.

Option 4

  • Don’t want a calendar? Donate to support our cause!
  • Enter the amount you’d like to contribute.


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