This Craigslist Ski Sale Post Is Absolute Gold

This Craigslist Ski Sale Post Is Absolute Gold


This Craigslist Ski Sale Post Is Absolute Gold

Photo Credit: Craigslist

This is quite possibly the best ski gear post to ever grace the purple hyperlinks of Craigslist…


The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, and if the darn rain ever decided to let up, you’d probably be able to see the snow in the high peaks that abut our beautiful city. It’s ski season, you kooks, and what better way to get ready for the season than to thrash those beautiful shred sticks you practically took out a mortgage to afford. Actually, I’ve got a better way: buy my clapped out sh%t. Whether you’re a struggling gopro hero in training, struggling to afford a rad new pow setup now that you won’t be skiing those landfill bumps in the middle of the country, or just your average, run-of-the-mill binding weasel looking for a steal of a deal, you stumbled upon the right place.


1) First up, we’ve got a gorgeous pair of 191 Faction Candide 3.0s from 2015. No, not that dumbed down, narrower version that debuted for 2016, these 2-stroke behemoths are here to point it. These beasts ring in with a big ol’ 32 meter radius. Why? So you can strap on your big boy pants and go fast. Like, really fast. And don’t bother with turning either; even if these things could roll over like your little sister’s slalom skis, the edge underfoot is pretty chewed up. Marginal base damage, in dire need of a wax. But they’re nice an broken in — all the camber underfoot is gone — so you can get that loose, flowy feel while you scream down the fall line. They come with a pair of rickety 16 din dukes. They may rattle while you hop on the chair, but they won’t pre-release, so that’s pretty alright. $350. Not super interested in splitting them up, but hey, make me an offer on the bindings and we’ll go from there.

**BONUS** Skis come branded stickers from Mahalo Knights, Mad Trees, and The Alta Donkeys overlaid in a gorgeous purple. So when you saddle up to a chairlift at Squaw, Alta, Bridger, or Mt. Baker, people will know you’re legit. That street cred alone is worth $75. Might get you punched in the face at Big Sky, but wouldn’t that be a heck of story to tell the grandkids?


2) Next, we’ve got a pair of 191 Caravan Waltermelon Skis from, well, that time I had Zeph press me a pair of skis. Not sure on the dimensions, as they were made using the layup of one ski, the rocker line of another, and the shape of a third. You’ve probably heard the legend of the illusive Waltermelon, arcing turns and mach-a-billion in the northern rockies and beyond; hell, the dude very well could have design the chair your sitting in. Or maybe, you haven’t been lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to run in to that greasy, bearded van dweller with an affinity for arcing gorgeous turns in the diciest of situations. Snag these monsters and enter another higher state of ski enlightenment. An elliptical sidecut combines with full basalt to create a slow-engaging, damp ride for taking on those wide open spaces and steep, technical couloirs in the north cascades. They come mounted with the tried and true Speed Verticals — volcanoes, baby! — mounted two back from dead center. Why? because sometimes you wanna arc ’em switch. $350 bucks. One previous mount. Again, in dire need of some wax, maybe a base weld or three, but otherwise, pretty alright. Plenty of life. Willing to separate bindings from skis.


3) Oh, you’re sick of reading about some clapped out skis? You want something that a smelly slat rat hasn’t been abusing for a couple of years? Fine, I got you. Check out these Fischer Transalp TS boots from 2016 in a 27. Sure, your buddy who “is pretty legit, he knows some guides,” raves about those darn green TLT5s. He said, “you gotta get those for volcano missions.” Sick, well that chubby forefoot of yours won’t fit in that Eurotrash, throbbing deep house designed, vice grip of a boot. Snag these Vacuum moldable pillows and dance past that kook of a ski partner on the skin track. Only have about 20 days on them. Great long touring boot that won’t blow it when things get steep. Healthy range of motion (somewhere around sixty, depending on where you measure from), fully moldable EVERYTHING, dynafit indemnified inserts, full vibram, blah blah blah. Analogous to Spectre, Maestrale, etc — except these suckers can be fully molded to your foot, so if you want a super narrow heel pocket and a fat forefoot to accommodate your flip-flop wearing paddle of a foot, you can. $400.


4) 169cm K2 Hippy Stinx. Hey remember that time we all decided to telemark for four years back in the early 2000s? That was embarrassing. But hey, it was either that or Frisctchi Freerides, and we all know how well that turned out (TERRIBLY). Anyway, for a while, back in the glory days when dropping a knee didn’t lead to snickering and catcalling from the chairlift, K2 made some skis for those edgy, studded belt-wearing, eyebrow-pierced telewhackers in western colorado. I just used them to do 360 nosegrabs tweaked to my forehead to impress girls when I was in high school — it didn’t work. Mounted twice, once for a hammerhead, unsure about the other. Unlike everything else in this posting, they are in PRISTINE condition. Would also make a rad rail ski if you want to size your skis like #RAILGOD420. $175.

*Get your girlfriend a pair of skis, already.

5) 182 Klint. It’s a park ski. I only have one of em. Edge is blown out, sidewall missing in the tip. But Pele is on it, so that’s pretty neat. $30 bucks. Would make a killer shot-ski. No photos, can get them if you’re actually interested in skiing it or matching up a pair.

6) BRAND NEW IN BOX WTR COMPATIBLE STH2 16. Go fast, take chances, and stop kicking a shoe. $250.


7) 2015 Faction Candide 2.0 mounted with matching blue P18s. Arguably the best damn park ski ever made paired with the best binding ever made. Best part about these specific skis? they’re mounted backwards, so the rocker in the tail is taller than the nose. Why, you ask? Stop catching tips on those switch sevens, or roll into a switch dub nine easier. The real reason was I kept on stripping tracks on a pair of jesters, but there wasn’t space to clear holes on another mount otherwise. No edge underfoot, minimal base damage. Pretty flexed out, no camber left. The bindings are pretty solid, though. $400.

*No trades. Unless you’ve got a pair of MTN Labs.

Find the Craigslist post here: FACTION, SALOMON, DYNAFIT, FISCHER$1


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