You Gotta Be Kidding Me. This Is INSANE!


Slide un Cable en SpeedRiding

Rider: Valentin Delluc

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  • Tom

    Thanks to dipshits like this is why so many resorts don’t allow gliding.
    Asshole ruined it for the rest of us.

  • Brett

    It’s unlikely this guy or girl will live much longer. Death will come for them should they continue such crazy endevours

  • wtf

    haha! that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen on skis. he’s got some serious control. not sure hes making the most of his abilities though..?

  • Dudical bro!

    Hehe attentionwhore will taste metal pole anytime soon! its just stupid, looks fugly! its like inlines on steroids! cut the crap!

    Hey dude! if you read this!?
    Please grow up and buy a wingsuit! This is so stupid its like an adult with diapers!

  • John

    Pretty sure that’s not a rope, but rather a high tensile strength, hardened steel cable. Also pretty sure that the slippage of that cable through the roller guides when the cars oscillate is 1000 times more destructive to the cable than is a simple low weight sliding of some skis (must maintain load in the speed wing lines else disaster happens. Finally, I’m pretty sure that wingsuit flights are way more dangerous (assuming that dude has some skills.)

    • Millwright

      Its a wire rope, which can be damaged by metal on metal contact. All sheaves and bull wheels have rubber liners. The worst case scenario would him be grinding on the splice. Ski hill mechanics will look for filings indicating this in their daily inspections and also inspect the splice at 5-600hour intervals broken wires in the splice can shut lifts down and require a new splice.

      I’d suggest you stop assuming that everything is safe and maybe research topics before you blurt out your ignorant opinion.

  • Terry

    In canada you can be charged with the railway act for interfereing with a chairlift. Jumping off one or doing anything that risks derailing one.

  • SmilinSteve

    Looks cool cause he made it.
    but one cross wind and this video
    might have had a much different outcome…

  • Darwin

    This guys got some skills but I’d say he’s in line for a Darwin award very soon. Also not the best way to treat a wire rope the thousands of people trust there lives to.

    • grammar slammar

      but do you think that the guy in the video knows the difference between their, they’re, and there?

    • cdizzle

      you might get a Darwin award to for being just as dumb by thinking that a pair of skis is going going to ruin a steel gauged rope of that size….

      • Darwin

        You Don’t know muck about haulways do you? This lift will be closed by law until the haulrope is thoroughly inspected. Metal to metal contact is a major no no for a haulrope. There is nothing dumb about being safe.

      • Darwin

        Yes you are correct , the bullwheel is made of metal, It also is covered with rubber where the rope makes contact otherwise the haul rope would be ruined in short time and traction would be minimal.

      • Anonymous

        Doesn’t the bullhead meet w haul line under static friction instead of dynamic friction? Does it wear your tires out more if you roll or skid?

      • Bob

        This lift is getting decommissioned as it was an old lift with fixed grip chairs.
        Exhibit A: No chairs on the lift.
        Exhibit B: No snow or people on the runs as its closed for the winter. A great time for maintenance.
        Exhibit C: Language existed before you were born, so it maybe beyond your comprehension, there are various names for the same object.
        Wiki: “In mechanics, cables, otherwise known as wire ropes, are used for lifting, hauling, and towing or conveying force through tension.”
        “A cable is two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted, or braided together to form a single assembly.”

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