Bob Costas Says on Today Show That Slopestyle is Just "Jackass Stuff They Invented and Called An Olympic Sport"


Really Bob Costas?

“The veteran sportscaster and Winter Olympic anchor talks to Matt Lauer about skier Lindsey Vonn, the addition of slopestyle and safety in Sochi.” – today.com

  • vrask

    He’s right. The last thing we need is more subjectively judged sports in the Olympics. Typical of this generation to prefer “look at me” sports rather than racing against competitors or the clock.

  • Chris

    You’re all correct. Now pull up your damn pants so they stop getting filthy by the urinal. A little more off-slope style is in order.

  • Court

    not a fan of Costas but to be fair, the ‘jackass’ stuff they were referring to is the show or movie jackass. Just means they’re performing dangerous stunts. Or at least I’m guessing that’s how he’s gonna back out of his comments.

  • bob costas haterz

    he was referring to the tv show jackass, jackasses. it was a poor way of complimenting it because of the insanity of the stunts these dudes are doing but meant as a compliment obviously none the less. i dont care about bob i just think this is dumb and taken out of context on a national scale. go pick on a group of skiiers or something and quit getting so offended when some old man compares you to steve-o or pontius.

  • Barry McCackiner

    Agreed that all judged olympic sports should not be there. But got to luv Costas roll his eyes about slope style and then segway to figure skating like its totally legit. Spandex and glitter way more respectable.

  • Jahn Knob

    This is why I don’t think it should be in the olympics either. No need to try and justify it to people like this. Costas isn’t the only one with this point of view..guaranteed. This “sport” came to be as a result of athletes sick and tired of events run like the olympics. FIS Still Sucks!

  • Stuck In Ohio

    Slopestyle is in the Olympics because…
    – in 2010 the halfpipe event destroyed American Idol, and everything else, in the ratings.
    – NBC commentators will talk about the distances that slopestyle athletes travel during their maneuvers, and the audience will realize “Geez, that guy just did a double flip over my house and landed safely on his feet”
    – jump, do three spins and two flips before you land perfectly, then do it again in 5 seconds, is way more fun to watch than skate around and wave your arms for a minute, jump, spin around 3 times like a top, land, wave your arms for another minute.
    – people will watch it in awe, and not just for old times sake like many other events.

    NOTE to any networks covering the games, make this a graphic for your commentators to point out during the slopestyle broadcast. a figure skater jumps the length of a foul shot, a slalom skier jumps the length of a 3 pointer, a slopestyle skier/boarder jumps the length of the court..all the while doing multiple spins & flips

    • BoGnar

      A skater only had the momentum they build to jump. A slalom skier airs over rollers to keep speed.
      A free style skier/ snowboarder has a massive run in and a massive jump built to effortlessly fly through the air.
      I think the skill set is much higher for the skater and the racer the the freestyle rider. I lost all respect for the sport/ judging after SW got a perfect 100 in the x-games.

      • Vladimir Putin

        A slopestyle course has pussyBitchwalls that can save you like figureskating yes? Tzarcasm he ha. In Russia skate rink bigger, ice colder, walls only for puck or femur break. Don’t try and lure gypsies to My Olympics, Get back to watching Cher.

        The Real American Bo would Make you Brian Bosworth. Keep your Brian
        Boytano to yourself, when In Rome…….or Russia ;)

  • Feeney

    Can’t wait ’til he has to interview a one of these athletes and they call him out. Whoever it is, I hope its live and I hope they’re surley and Costas can’t escape.

  • joe

    i don’t think any event that gets rated by judges should be in the olympics. that includes gymnastics, figure skating, diving etc.

    • Ben

      its a word thats a mix of slope (obviously) and freestyle. it makes sense, plus its been called that “officially” for as long as I can remember.


    I like how they are talking about slopestyle and show a Shaun clown pipe run. Either way, Costas is an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    yeah….I have an issue with all the flipping n spinning n balancing and SUBJECTIVELY judged sports in the Olympics……..They get to be so nationalistic.
    The little man has a point…………ya’ll act like you think the Olympics are so great….. I really don’t think slopestyle or halfpipe belong in the Olympics……..they have a vibe that is not about nationalism……. its way more about fun and inclusion and testing your own abilities.
    But Jackass…….Costas is the jackass

  • WTF?

    Slopestyle isn’t really any different from figure skating, synchronized swimming, or gymnastics. You spin, you flip, show some balancing skills, and then you get subjectively judged. So, yeah, even though Costas is a total jackass, he kinda has a point.

  • kwood passholder

    great way to exclude a new majority audience/market that will likely one day overtake moguls and slalom in oly popularity. WHat kids can afford to run gates at a young age anymore let alone freeride. Typical opinioniated journalism we expect from this douche

  • JT

    The ONLY acceptable Olympic sports are Track & Field and bare knuckle MMA. Everything else is over hyped crap.

      • BoGnar

        Someone a bit homafobic?
        It is a one on one competition between two people. It is the tuffest sport still alive today. No special gear is required- grow up and get over what it looks like and learn about what it is.
        If I had your simple mind I would think football is nothing but a man orgy-

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