More Mountain Rage Caught On Camera


More Mountain Rage Caught On Camera

OGDEN — A snowboarder said he feared for his safety on the slopes during an altercation with an angry father. It happened after he accidentally collided with the man’s son. Read more at www.ksl.com

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  • Danimal

    1) Dad is a f*cking douche. Probably the dad from “My dad can beat up your dad” park rat clip.
    2) The teen is a f*cking pussy. So are his friends.
    3) The child was trying to have fun, like everyone else. Sorry he got hit, but he’s fine…. if his dad didn’t emotionally scar him.
    4) “It don’t matter to Jesus.”

  • Teton Van Aukenbok

    All 4 of the characters in this incident are a problem & are hazardous to planet Earth. Proudly on my behalf I would like to say first & foremost how fantastic it would be if you would all say N-O to pro creation & a very BIG YES to Population Control! Because breeding never felt so wrong.
    This message was brought to you by our proud sponsors Monster Energy, Wendys, Monsanto, Camel Filters, & Obama

  • Schroder

    It doesn’t really sound like snowboarder kid is trying to avoid responsibility or shift the blame. It probably is his fault. But as they say, shit happens. Even someone obeying the alpine responsibility code TO THE LETTER and riding in complete control can cause a collision – if something unexpected happens, terrain changes unexpectedly, or you judge a situation wrong – human error. Hell, what if you’re skiing down and a binding blows out? You fall and slide, maybe there’s a kid in your sliding path, not your planned skiing path.

    And if you’re going to be a crazy person and use violence to avenge yourself in the people who wrong you/your kid, at least check on your kid first. Fucks sake.

  • SkiToLive

    I watched the whole video and assuming that the snowboarder was wearing a helmet, that definitely did not look or sound like a punch hard enough to cause a bruise.

    The snowboarder is definitely at fault here for the collision. He obviously was not in control when that kid moved from behind the father. I am absolutely positive that any decent skier or snowboarder can put on the brakes faster than this snowboarder did. Going through a high traffic area, he should have known better. I have noticed a lot of you trying to place blame on the father for the crash, yes he was poorly placed, however if any of you have worked with children you would know that they can and will stop wherever they want irrespective of the locations above-hill safety. That’s why as an adult working with a child should always be sure to move the kid to a safer location if they stop somewhere presenting a danger to other skiers and boarders.

    All of that being said though, in no way does it excuse the fathers actions to strike this snowboarder. I don’t think the father should be charged, as I truly believe he was instinctually defended his child as all parents would.

    I would have liked to hear the fathers side of this story along with the snowboarder. I’d also like to see more footage from this snowboarders run to see how he was behaving in heavy traffic earlier on the run. I’d suggest, and many people would disagree with this, that the snowboarder might have been going a little fast this whole run. But then again, that wouldn’t make as riveting news as a father beating up an innocent snowboarder.

  • weallslidedownthemtn

    I 1st must introduce myself as both a skier and a Dad with kids who ski a lot. I really am applaud by the comments against snowboarders on this post. This situation could have just as easily been involving a skier. I feel for the Dad who just reacted but obviously has a hard time controlling himself and should be more concerned about his son’s well being. Although he did somewhat cause the problem by being in the middle of the slope stopped without looking uphill prior to letting his little guy start down the slope. As a parent who has skied a lot with little ones this can happen as you are just trying to keep them moving and progressing. The problem the snowboarder created also could have been avoided by being very careful in slow zones especially around blind rollovers. In these areas it is usually best to ski on the side of the slope. This is a tough situation for all parties but I feel there is no need for name calling. We all need to be adults and focus on being more situational aware.

  • Snow Hound

    What a crock of poop. Snowbasin said the incident was resolved “amicably” and they’re glad no one was hurt.
    If the scenario was reversed and some knuckledragging kid hit a guy that plowed into him or his friends ski patrol would have his pass yanked before he got to Earls Lodge.

  • Anonymous

    First of all I get looking below you and being aware of your surroundings and in this you see a little girl approaching which he does seem aware but she is also coming his way, does no one consider that turning skis or a board may not have been able to happen soon enough, you see the shadow of him kind of acknowledging the girl making her aware as well, but you can’t even tell there’s a boy there till he starts slipping away from his dad. Though immediately Daniel was concerned after hitting the kid. I get that this is a concerned parent, but who in their right minds lays a hand on a kid, a grown ass man smacking a kid. Accidents do happen and their both lucky that neither one got a broken bone, & hey it’ll make the kid away in the future! I think that dad was a total jerk, get mad sure but NEVER lay a hand on someone.

  • hayde89

    LISTEN UP. Ok we can talk who’s fault it was all day. Yes the snowboarder didn’t have control and yes the father probably shouldn’t take a beginner up the gondola at snowbasin. But the fact remains that accidents happen. Ive been hit by plenty skiers and boarders in that area. It is a funnel for the entire mountain and takes on heavy traffic. This incident happened not far from the ski patrol incident. Now does the father have the right to be angry of course it is a parental instinct. That gives no one the right to lay hands on one another no matter how hard or soft the punch was. Snowbasin is my home mountain and we have been getting a bad rap for the last couple of years. I love the mountain but there are faults to it.

  • Anonymous

    The kid sucks. He’s side slipping and still can’t stop in time . And what’s up with the patroller he passed right before the crash? Where was he when the dad has to take the law into his own hands?

  • Heyawhit

    Collisions happen to everyone. No matter what level you’re at, it’s just the way it is unfortunately. Father completely overreacted and should definitely get a swift kick in the ass but this whole skiers vs. snowboarders is ridiculous. Who cares what you ride, as long as you ride and have a good time doing it.

  • He was setup

    The Dad had this rigged. First he had his 3 year old fall so he could pretend to help him up in the middle of the beginner trail. Then he had his 5 year old daughter suddenly snowplow in to the way of this rad dude, cut him off completely. Then to top it off, the 3 year old doesn’t even know the skiers code, comes out from no where and causes a huge crash. Luckily the rad dude was filming every moment that day and Dad’s plan was exposed.
    For real, snowboarders fault, no question, film backs it up. Dad did overreact, but why does anyone need to come that close(he was there too). That wasn’t a punch either, it was open gloved hand slap to a helmet. This kid will be sorry he let this footage out.

  • calm down over raged skiiers

    would have socked that dad straight in the face if he touched me. power tripping skiers need to get their head out of their ass. hope the kid does press charges.

  • Anonymous

    Would have socked that dad straight in the face if he touched me. power tripping skier. hope the kid does press charges.

  • shralp

    Watch the video closely and you’ll see that the skier who “cut me off”, the little girl in blue, was making a slow, consistent turn toward the boarder. Prior to this you’ll notice that the other boarder in front of our filmer got to the top of the crest and slowed down completely. Our filmer dude zipped right on by. The dad and his kid were not stopped completely, they were working their way down a steep section and the dad was doing his best to shield his kid. I don’t blame the dad for losing his control, the jerk on the snowboard could have seriously hurt his young kid. As it is the kid may not want to ski again and consider what a loss that would be. The boarder was 100% wrong and should be banned for at least a month.

    • Heyawhit

      Don’t you think before coming to violence as the answer you should at least check to see if your kid is alright?! And it’s pretty evident that snowboarders have a blind spot. Most of us try to be as attentive as possible but it’s hard to have your head cranked the opposite way as your body. If this kid doesn’t want to ski again because of one crash, he isn’t cut out for it anyway. We’ve all had collisions. Get over it. And I say get over it to the snowboarder as well. Shit happens.

  • Mountain Guide

    As a previous ski patroller who has both skied for 30 years and boarded for 15 years. I can confidently say that boarding is more difficult than skiing especially in a slow zone where a minimum amount of speed needs to be maintained. With this said boarders need to try to keep a safe turning distance from others on the hill if at all possible. Yes, I agree the person downhill has the right of way, but as a previous person wrote, the rules of the road apply on the hill also. Look where you are going, be aware of others around you and if you are parenting do this for your children. The father in this case did not provide good due care and attention to protect his own child but the boarder should have been moving slower through a busy zone. It is never the right thing to do to loose your temper and hit someone especially when you are supposed to be an adult.

  • kiteron

    All of you haters who want to hate and fight do not belong on the slopes get you kicks (or punches) somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the snow safety code, how can anyone argue the guy and his kid were in violation of rule #3 (You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above)?

    If you watch the video, you can see the guy and the kid stopped in the middle of a run. Stopping anywhere on a run does not necessarily mean they were “obstructing” it. There was plenty of room on either side. You can also see them for some distance in the video, so they were clearly visible from above.

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