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Snowboarder Sues Burton Over Accident that Left Him Paralyzed



A Halifax court ruled on Wednesday that a young man, who was paralyzed after snowboarding at Nova Scotia’s Wentworth ski hill, will be able to sue both the ski hill and Burton Snowboards.

Back in February 2008, Michael Coady (16 years old at the time) was snowboarding at a demo day at Wentworth Ski Resort.

Coady signed a waiver and took a Burton snowboard for a trial run.

The teen then took the demo board to the terrain park where he fell and broke his neck.

The accident paralyzed Coady and left him in a wheelchair.

Coady is suing Burton and Wentworth Ski Resort for negligence. He argued the snowboard maker failed to warn him about the danger of testing the board, and failed to verify his age.