Close Up & Hi-Res of Air Jordan Backflip + Julian Carrs Massive 120ft Huck


Close Up & Hi-Res of Yesterday’s Air Jordan Backflip + Julian Carrs Massive 120ft Huck

Video by, Devin Montgomery

  • Anonymous

    Ive just watched a whole lot of footage of Julian and what I dont understand is every air he does is a front flip and he lands on his back even the mid sized ones. Is there any reason for this? Does he not want to try and ride out of them. Also can he do any other sort of move or is it just the front flip????

  • listen up

    Anyone who is not absolutely impressed with this video 1) has never been to whistler & 2) see part 1). shut up h8rs. That was fucking BO$$. I wish i was there to see that. Iv seen a skier point it down air jordan stomp it then 360 off the edge of hollywood. And that video is just as great. fucking amazing.

  • Let This be Known...

    1. I better get the most little green thumbs-up next to my post.
    2. I am a Snowboarder( I respect all that is skiing/riding)
    3. Only one person spoke of JP (RIP)
    4. As JP said in High Life, Until someone stomps it cleaner than me you really have nothing to say…(while swiggin Booze)
    RIP JP

  • Pffftt....

    I love how everyone agrees that he had zero chance of landing something like this….huck and hope, huh?

    • Dick Aiken

      Agree…and I also believe that not 1 of these noobs who criticize “the non-stomp” have ever launched a 100+ft drop…P.S. – neither have I

      Anyone out there in this thread ever “stomp” a 100 footer? If so, please post the link or proof…

  • Anonymous

    Second: It takes skills to jump off a huge cliff to your back, impossible to land

  • Terry

    no one can stomp any air of that size. ever. you have to keep the forward momentum on large airs to prevent the dreaded “hot tub”, making the lawn dart a preferred method for larger airs. which takes skill to execute. steve is a noob green banana.

  • anon

    hey, if people want to launch off 100+ footers and the safest way to do it is landing on their backs then im not gonna try and talk them out of it. i respect the balls and skill that it takes and i will keep watching the videos. but maybe we need a different word for when u hit something with no intention of stomping

  • Lon

    It takes balls and a whole lot of skill. You’re an idiot if you think it only takes balls. The guy hit 110 footer (at least) and skiied back to the line up to do more laps!
    It’s not only balls that allows him to hit this type of drop over and over again and not end up in the hospital.- Give credit where it’s do. It may not be your cup of tea but if he skies back to the line after that – fuck it, he deserves a few pitchers and respect. Stan Rey’s back flip was ridiculous too, pure epicness all the way around.

  • screw all yall

    trying to stomp an air like that would be disastrous. why does everything have to be stomped? or take skill for that matter? no better celebration of huge air and deep pow than lawn darting to your back. screw your standards and your judgement, keep skiing fun

  • Matt

    Why do people keep calling this a backflip. I don’t think I’ve ever seem him do a backflip. All he does is do huge laid out front flips (not even full flips) to his back. He’s obviously modeling his skiing after Jamie Pierre.

  • captainkarl

    hey haters, he launched a 100 plus . Until each one of you can clear the tables in the toddler park i suggest ferming your boochers.

  • ble

    seriously skiers, it doesnt count when you backflop a drop. just cause your skis are pointed somewhat downhill doesnt mean it counts.this is not to take away from the gnar factor of this guy but its far from a make.

  • freshies

    Lame. 2 guys crashing big hucks really isn’t that news worthy is it?

    For the record, they both have bigger balls than I do. But If I wanted to watch a couple guys bomb hole it up I could go to my home mountain on a powder day.

  • Derek the yuppie stomper

    To claimer steve and anyone who agrees with him. You are all pussssyyys!!! Complete haters. Jumping off a 100 foot cliff takes not only skill but planning and precision. You dont know because your to busy with your iphones up your asses hating on some website instead of getting rad. Julian Carr is an excellent skier, In fact so good, he is whats known as a Pro skier. Besides who the fuck cares, Its skiing remember? Its about having fun….. being in the air for a long time is fun, period.

    • Yuppie Pride

      It’s all good to me but I want my future employees, like huckster-mad-skills check me out guy, to stay healthy so later on when he is tuning my skis or shoveling my deck, or waxing my Range Rover that I like to show off to Tahoe when I come up for the weekend from Marin, to do so healthy. It’s so cool to be noticed!

  • Veruca Salt

    Ghey.. Agree with Steve.. We used to do that off our roof back in the day, albeit from only 50 feet. No skis needed..

  • Anonymous

    The first guy killed it more… hard to exactly see, but for sure a back flip on the second hit. Perhaps something on the first drop too? Sure Juls goes huge, but it’s not as clean as the unknown 1st skier to his right (our left).

    • Peak Chair

      “Unkown Skier” is one of the best skier cross athletes Canada has, now turned freerider. Stan Rey, look him up.

  • Claimer Steve

    Why do people celebrate launching off a cliff on to your back? I don’t understand this. You need to fucking stomp the landing and ride away. Doing a 3/4 rotation on to you back takes no skill at all. Balls? Sure. Skills? No. Stomp? Not even close.

    • O

      Jealous? At a certain point you can’t stomp a trick after hucking off a 120′ cliff. You’re an idiot.

      • Claimer Steve

        You need to land it to claim it. Sorry skier kooks. Launching off shit on to your back is fucking lame. Does it take balls? Sure. But so does eating at McDonalds or not putting the bar down on a chair lift. Is it entertaining? Kind of, not because I’m in awe of his skill but because it is a talentless stunt. Nobody is jealous over here.

      • Mine is Bigger

        Did you really just compare eating McDonald’s with hitting a 120 foot cliff?

      • AK

        Agrreed, but you would not want to try to stomp that with such a flat landing. you’d be picking your teeth out your knee. still badass if you ask me. Its fun not technical, but then again what does the in-run look like?

      • meh

        JC is an amazing skier as well as an amazing cliff hucker. So even if you think this type of cliff jumping takes “No Skill” I can assure that Julian is a better skier than you.

      • Really Claimer Steve

        Claimer Steve, please post any links of you stomping 100+ cliffs. We’d love to see it… Everyone on this website is now dumber for having read your post.

    • Kevin

      Couldn’t agree more with Claimer Steve. Stomp your landing or step down to the ladies tee. As far as I’m concerned, if you land on your back, you didn’t even hit the cliff. Ballsy, but not nearly legit as things like this – http://youtu.be/IzixX5sQixE

    • Robert Tadina

      well what about skydiving? it takes no skill what so ever. but it is fun as fuck. falling a long distance especially hitting the ground is exhilarating. if you can’t appreciate that don’t leave the park.

      • I want to be famous too

        Skydiving takes no skill? Like you would know, poseur.

        Claimer Steve is dead on. Any idiot can huck their meat off a big drop. We all have and it’s entertaining no matter what. It’s also stupid. Thing is, you have all these little boys crossing over into adulthood trying to figure out how to be cool and fit in and hucking carcass draws attention to themselves. Not like a bunch of these peeps would be doing and of this if the cameras weren’t around. A few would but not many.

    • Anonymous

      trying to stomp a landing like that would be disastrous. and what better celebration of huge air and deep pow than lawn darting onto your back. screw your standards and your judgement, keep skiing fun!

    • Anonymous

      My morning was much brighter having watched that front flip attempt, even if he didn’t land it. So kudos to him.

    • Lane Myers

      Yeah, keep flapping your gums douche bag. You say this while someone’s sending it huge and you’re standing there with your dick in your hand.

    • That's my face sir

      front flip to bomb hole… Im going to whistler right now and gonna huck that same cliff and stomp that S and ride away and show you all what a real cliff huck is. hahahahahaahahahahahahaha

      • Chuck

        If you tried to stick the landing of that size of a cliff, your legs would be in your stomach and your spine would be completely compressed… but good luck man!

      • Chuck

        If you tried to stick the landing of that size of a cliff, your legs would be in your stomach and your spine would be completely compressed… but good luck man!

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