Ohio State Ski And Snowboard Club Arrested On The Way To Aspen For Weed, LSD, and Shrooms On Team Bus


thelantern.com – A trip to Aspen, Colo., didn’t exactly go as planned when buses transporting students were pulled over by authorities and searched for drugs.

The Ohio State University Ski and Snowboard Club trip was headed for the slopes on Dec. 14 when one bus driver called 911 while driving through Indiana, reporting that he smelled marijuana on the bus, according to several reports.

Three buses were searched by a drug-sniffing dog and the Henry County Sheriff’s office, resulting in the arrest of four men for felony drug possession charges. Of the 200 students on the trip, 15 were cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and another 40 to 50 students were cited with a minor misdemeanor possession or consumption of alcohol, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

It also reported that LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms in capsule form, $12,000 in cash and various forms of marijuana were found on the buses.

The majority of students on the trip attend OSU.

Twenty-year-old Liam McMahon of Columbus, 22-year-old Peter Banks of North Canton, 20-year-old Andrew Jefferies of North Canton and 18-year-old George Burke of Pittsburgh were all arrested on felony possession charges, according to multiple reports.

OSU spokeswoman Gayle Saunders told The Lantern no university dollars were spent funding the student organization’s trip.

Saunders said OSU “is looking into the matter” in regards to disciplinary action against any students who received citations.

Henry County Sheriff Butch Baker and members of the OSU Ski and Snowboard Club did not respond to requests for comment.

  • OhioGaper

    Total shit show. everyone on “the” bus knows how fucked this situation was. Just some college kids trying to have a swell time. BTW some kids from Ohio are pretty good, ever heard of Louie Vito? Tree ight’ too doe!

  • Scenic Highway Cruiser Captain

    The Driver did the right thing. As CDL Drivers, we are subject to Federal and State Drug Testing. It’s a “Zero-Tolerance” Policy by the authorities. The Driver could have been subjected to aPrison Term, Massive Fines and Lose His Job, if he did not report it. The Bus Company that was transporting them was located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Is that because the Bus Companies in their own state know what they are like, and, refuse to have anything to do with them??? They were given a chance to deal with the situation, themselves, and they blew it – No sympathies, here.

  • Shawn White

    Hahahaha bunch of Gapers got pulled over and couldn’t make it out west :( The “ski club” should prolly stay in the flat lands where they belong

  • Ha

    If only that bus driver didn’t plant all those drugs and cash on that bus. Then fill it with spoiled gapers that would have been and epic trip of pizzaing.

  • johnnygaper

    bahahaha “Molly Dust”

    you guys are fucking idiots. You literally know nothing about drugs, yet you think you have a valid opinion. When you know nothing about something, just shut up.

  • Jamie jones

    What in god’s name is Aspen doing with bus tourists? Can’t they ski Boston Mills Brandywine, 18 lifts and all.

  • Chad

    How did the bus driver smell your stash. Im sure in Ohio the herb is so shitty you couldn’t just smell it through the bag.

  • Anonymous

    I was also sitting towards the back of this bus. Like the other kid said, no one was smoking, and when the driver asked to stop, we all made it known that no one was smoking anywhere on the bus. Someone did however take out their stash which led to the cops being called… I Understand its illegal, but definitely unfortunate for those of us who had small amounts packed away intended for legal use in Co… It’s not the bus drivers fault, he was doing his job. Sucks that a few careless people put such a huge damper on the trip

  • Anonymous

    It’s the bus drivers fault????!!!?? Huh ?? Wow, kids are getting dumber and dumber every year. Lol. What a bunch of idiots. And to say its the bus drivers fault and to act like he did something wrong is just absurd. .

  • AndyC

    This was ski club, not ski team. Ski team takes themselves (and skiing) a little too seriously to get caught up in stuff like this, or at least did when I was in school.

  • Anonymous

    Haha the bus driver probably caught a second hand buzz, tweaked out and called the cops. Sounds like these kids were being idiots and they deserved what they got

    • Anonymous Buckeye

      One kid had over 12,000 dollars in cash, he also had a bag apparently with even harder shit (aka Molly Dust) that never got found. . but they did find pounds and pounds of marijuanna on him. The Lantern article said the bus driver “warned them to stop” and then called the cops which is bull shit and never happened. One kid got felony drug charges because of ONE Adderol pill which is just a study drug that kids use to retain focus better.

  • AspenSpin

    I met some of the kids from OSU. Heard the whole story, first hand. Apparently the Buckeyes were not aware that “vaporizing in the boyz room” was not cool in Indiana. They should have waited until they got to Colorful Colorado.

  • Hippo

    Bus driver to an early grave?? Just think how those kids lives are fucked forever. LSD can get you 25+ years. Specially in Indiana.

    • weaksauce

      How was it the bus drivers fault to report a bunch of retarded kids? I would have done the same thing. I bet the bus company that he works for has some policy where he has to report them.

      • anonymous

        then you are a douche bag as well. He only knew about the weed, nothing else, and did not have to call 911 over it. Its called look the other way because it does not affect you. You probably think homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry either. Keep sticking your nose in business that doesn’t affect you, ASS

      • VoiceOfReason

        It IS his business. He/she are a professional driver and can get in deep shit for appearing to be complicit with having drugs on board? What part of that don’t you understand? Driver did their JOB, plain and simple. Your personal version of morality doesn’t enter into it.

      • anonymous

        Your assumption of how bus companies and our legal system works doesn’t enter into it. Unless the driver was operating as a private contractor he or she IS (not are) protected by his or her employer and not held responsible for the cargo that passengers carry unless a direct correlation is found between that cargo and the driver. The bus would never have been searched and found to be carrying illegal substances without his 911 call. Since nobody was smoking (according to the only person who has commented that seems to have actually been there) he could have just as easily maintained that he was not aware of the illegal cargo had that somehow even become in question. That and he gets to not be the ass hole who severely affects the rest of the lives of a few college students (not some degenerate drug addicts, perfectly decent people that are studying to better themselves and contribute to society) just because he became a little too uncomfortable with the pot they had.

      • VoiceOfReason

        It’s not an assumption, it’s fact and experience. Former CDL driver myself. Private contractor or working for a company is irrelevant, you have to have a CDL to drive a vehicle with air brakes and that many people on board, that makes you a professional driver and responsible for your cargo in most states.

      • jimboslice

        hahahahahaha now you’re, in fact, a bus driver and nobody can prove you otherwise. How convenient.

      • jimboslice

        and once again, you are incorrect. If being a private contractor or employed is, in fact, irrelevant like you claim, go smoke weed on a greyhound bus. Better yet, plant a random backpack full of drugs on a greyhound bus and then call it in and say the driver knows about it. See if greyhound’s legal council lets the driver get in any form of trouble.

      • VoiceOfReason

        If a bus is pulled over, lets say for speeding, police officer gets on the bus and it smacks of pot and has a busload of stoned college kids, the driver is getting in some serious trouble, doesn’t matter who he’s working for. The driver is complicit in the situation. He has a responsibility for his passengers and himself.

      • VoiceOfReason

        And BTW, never said I was a bus driver, I said former CDL. Means at one time I had a commercial license, passed the test, understood the laws etc. Drove a truck briefly, but no, never drove a bus. Still a lot more experience with professional driving than I’m guessing you have.

      • Anonymous

        If you pity for the driver because he didn’t want illegal substances you weren’t there and don’t understand the situation at all (and suck balls). Every bus was loaded with alcohol, if the bus driver was not cool about illegal activities, then why didn’t he call the police for underage drinking when the bus was being loaded. No feeling bad for that guy because he was he was a fat lonely bastard that hasn’t seen his Dick in years, one sad fat asshole.

      • bert

        anonymous – almost everyone knows that if you’re breaking the law and you get caught you have to pay the price. do you? mtfu and stop whining. if you can’t face paying up then be a good boy. next time someone who has to take responsibility for you asks you to behave then just fucking do it. show some respect and you get to keep your stash.

      • weaksauce

        Well, weed and gay marriage are legal in my state, so if you wanna come over I we can have fun big boi.

      • Anonymous

        Wow. You should stop commenting, you sound dumber every time you post something. Grow the f up, the bus driver didn’t do anything wrong. It’s amazing that you think this is anybody’s fault other than the idiots on the bus that obviously have no idea how to party. You will grow up someday and look back on this and realize how stupid you sound. I was once like you, you’ll grow up someday and realize you don’t know everything.

      • california college kid

        anonymous, your a stubborn moron. you can be angry that some laws might not be fair, but dont be shocked when the reality of state laws and other people’s responsibilities (i.e. the bus driver’s) get in the way of you getting fucked up.

        try living somewhere that doesnt suck.

    • Been there

      Wrong 6 months for a first time offender. But probably less if he offers to do community service instead, or has a lawyer . 25 years only if he had a gallon and a underage kid in his luggage. Most first offenders are not convicted of the felony they are charged with, but instead plead it down. Judges are not often wont to destroy an 18 year olds life, especially if they’re in college trying to “better” themselves. But these kids are clearly retarded and deserve to spend a few nights in the can. It’s not like they’re goin to Shawshank.

  • Hairfarmr

    Turned in By the Driver … Wow, what a bunch of dumbasses. Give th edriver a 200$ tip to start the trip and he’ll look the other way, Fuck how hard is is to take up a bribe the driver fund.

  • TrippyBuckeyes

    Woohoo, my picture made UnofficialNetworks.com! But yeah what really happened is some rocket scientist lit up a doob, bus driver told him to put it out, which he for some reason did not do. I flew out to Aspen instead, avoided any legal hassles, partied my ass off and rode pow in Highlands Bowl all week.

    • SkiClubRegular

      I was on the bus and know what really happened. Nobody lit a goddamn doob on the bus. Either a vap was being hit or somebody took their stash out. Nobody smelled smoke, it was just the dank/ skunk smell that this retard bus driver assumed was being smoked. He fucked us all over and could have handled the situation so much differently. It sucks that this retard messed it up for everybody in Ski Club but we can’t idiot test everybody that comes on the trip. Regardless of the bust, Ski Club did some of the best skiing/boarding and partying we’ve ever done. OSU SKI CLUB 4 LYFE.

      • VoiceOfReason

        The students had weed, LSD, Shrooms, and $12k cash, and the bus driver is the one that made a poor decision here? Right.

      • anonymous

        Yeah. Acutally he WAS. I guarantee that driver had no knowledge of the cash, LSD, or fungi (none of which jeopardized his or anybody’s safety ANYWAY) which means he made a 911 call because of marijuana. That is absurd, uncalled for, and could have been handled in MANY different ways. He also didn’t lose his job after they found LSD and mushrooms on HIS bus, so clearly he is not responsible for the cargo his passengers carry.

      • VoiceOfReason

        It’s absurd that a professional driver who is responsible for his vehicle called the police because something illegal was happening that he/she didn’t feel like dealing with? I don’t follow your logic.

        I get it, you use drugs, you sympathize with other people who do. “The man” is keeping you down, whatever. I’m not saying I agree with drugs being illegal, but the fact is they are. If this driver doesn’t feel like dealing with that shit he has every right in the world to call the police and let them deal with it.

      • anonymous

        if he was responsible for his vehicle then why wasn’t he arrested for driving with illegal substances on his bus?

      • anonymous

        Once again, this was all over marijuana. A flower that is incapable of harming anybody. No knowledge of the other substances existed at the time of the 911 call. The bus driver could have 1. flushed it down the toilet, 2. pulled over and dumped it out on the side of the road, or the best option: 3. make the students dispose of it at the next stop if they would like to continue riding the bus. All 3 better than ratting people out because you smelled pot. I guarantee you were the kid who went crying to mommy when your siblings picked on you when you were little.

      • VoiceOfReason

        A driver doesn’t have the luxury of debating philosophically whether or not “a flower incapable of harming anybody” is illegal or not. It is. Whether he agrees with the laws or not, if he likes his job, he is obliged to do what he did.

        I’m not even saying I agree with drug laws, In fact I don’t, but they are what they are, and if you’re not following them you ought to accept the fact that you can get caught. Life lesson kiddies, You should never assume people around you are ok with you breaking the law, least of all someone who is legally responsible for you on his vehicle. Oh, and kids picking on me? Lol I won’t give you the benefit of personal details about me, but that’s pretty unlikely.

      • Stopwhining

        You have GOT to be kidding me… I call BS !!! about no one smoking. I was on the Park City Utah trip with OSU ski club and Literally I couldnt wait for rest breaks as all the people toking up on the bus caused a thick smoke ( and their attempts to blow into a tube filled with dry sheets in the back so did not work) The isles were lined with Coolers of ice and booze and there was a case of natti under most of the seats. As we got off the bus everyone carried the beer to a huge pile and then people took it to their cabins with a majority of it going to the ” party cabins” for an around the world part. it was so think I was personally afraid to test pos on a drug test for school from second hand smoke! So you did something illegal and got caught… stop whining. That bus driver was just doing his job, next time if u are going to do something illegal wait till ur at a rest stop out of sight then if u dont want to get caught.

      • LearntoEnglish

        I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out what you are trying to say because your grammar is so terrible.

      • LearntoEnglish

        I’m sorry, but I can’t understand what you are trying to say because your grammar is so terrible.

      • Anonymous

        The thing is, the only reason that is a poor choice is because those things are illegal. It would be different if they were bringing guns and heroin but weed and some hallucinogens weren’t really affecting the bus driver. He could have handled the situation more maturely but instead some people’s lives are completely ruined.

  • Mountain Guy

    Why would you bring weed from Ohio to Colorado, thats like taking bathtub tequila with you on your trip to Mexico??

    • Mike

      The bus driver asked the students to stop smoking weed on the bus or he would call the cops. A few thought he was bluffing and decided not to wait for the next rest stop.

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