One Of The Best East Coast Edits You Will Ever See


Send It East 1: Winter Wonderland

A group of skiers from Mad River Glen, Vermont finds the biggest cliffs, deepest pow, and gnarliest lines on the mountain, making sure that this holiday season was one to remember.


  • morethanvermont

    These bros are rippers, but are being held back by the lack of terrain. Lets see a real east coast edit from some real east coast mountains, go sesh the Chic Chocs in quebec.

  • Than Thou

    Yes it’s way better in the east. Move there and kill it! Skiing is better in the east and there are no snowboarders or lines or ice. It’s powder everyday! Pack your car and move east. Let me know how much better it is than here.

  • Buzz Killington

    The video does not live up to the title. Could of found lots of better edits on the east coast.But still pretty good!

  • HaytinHater

    The east breeds the best skiers and riders.blah blah blah. If you can ski here you can ski anythin. Blah blah blah. Your all pretending. The east is what it is. Tiny hills glorified as mtns. Shit “snow” and millions upon millions of people. Get a fucking clue. I grew up in vermont. It sucks. Your all fucking homos.

  • Gnarpow

    Holy Sh!t, I never realized how terrible they have it on the East Coast. This mountain, if i dare call it that, looks like the hill in my backyard hahahahahaha

  • Meh

    Definitely not the best that the East has to offer. Mad River Glen is sick but this edit doesn’t really show it.

  • Igor

    I thought it was pretty good. Let me guess, you are not from the east coast? That’s cool… we ski boilerplate 80% of the time, makes us be more than ready for the worst, and enjoy the best that much more.

  • buzznut

    Whoever named the title of that post is incorrect. “Best You Will Ever See”? East Coast skiing is not the most video-friendly of activities, but that video did not live up to its name. Lets get some journalistic controls in place here, people.


      I agree being an east coaster, not a bad edit but “One Of The Best East Coast Edits You Will Ever See” might be a stretch and Igor below i agree “pretty good”

    • moldy taco

      your definitely not from the east. I was at killington last week with 25” of fresh, which was just as good as any western run i’ve ever taken

      • buzznut

        I am an East Coaster these days and was at Killington on Big Thursday (Dec 27). And even got third K-1 gondy to the top which had been closed most of the day until they opened it at 2:15pm. Stepped out into approx 18″ of Vermont’s finest. It was great. My comment was based on the fact that the video itself was certainly not “must see video”.

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