Unofficial Report From Squaw Valley

To be honest, I did not have very high hopes for the skiing this morning. Yesterday was downright miserable with soggy conditions and a mix of rain and sleet on the valley floor. Then, after sunset, the temperature dropped and everything flash froze. How good could the skiing really be, right? Apparently I was not the only person to think the skiing would be subpar this morning. Here was the line up at the Funitel at 9 am. 


Are YOU in this Photo? 

By 10 o’cock a few more skiers and riders had shown up but the Funitel was still not running due to high avalanche activity.

The view from the first Funitel car this morning.

As it turned out, the skiing and riding today was magnificent. True Hero Snow. It was like God decided to groom the entire mountain and then drop 4 inches of velvet on top. Everything was smooth and flat and skiing great!

Lifts: By 11am Squaw had Gold Coast, Big Blue, Emigrant, Granite, Shirley, Sibo and Headwall up and running.

Highlights: The Funnel, Headwall, Granite Chief Peak and CII.

Here is a look at some of the avalanche activity from this morning. 


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