In light of recent compromises and a potential re-wording of the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone ordinance, Snowbird may after all be able to build a mountain coaster.



Update | Snowbird's Proposed Mountain Coaster

Hippies Chanting

People protesting the Mountain Coaster and possibly chanting "Heli-free Wasatch"

In light of recent compromises and a potential re-wording of the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone ordinance, Snowbird may after all be able to build a mountain coaster.  Due to it rising from the ashes after being shot down last fall, I feel as if its new name should be the “Phoenix Coaster.”

The re-wording of the ordinance would formally allow “Ski Resorts” to have summer activities in addition to their winter activities.  Also it will stall major developments until a complete examination is performed on the ordinance.

Dave Fields, one of Snowbird’s executive staff, has stated that they are no longer perusing placing the Phoenix Coaster on Mount Superior.  They are however looking at placing the coaster south of Little Cottonwood Highway in Snowbird’s already developed areas.

“We have a good spot next to Peruvian Chairlift,” Fields said.

Original Design for Snowbird Mountain Coaster

The original HIGHLY controversial plans

What do you think of the possible ordinance revision?  Would you support the Phoenix Coaster if it isn’t on Mt. Superior?

If these revisions go through, it could open the doors for an improved network of mountain biking trails and bike park that Snowbird desperately needs.

  • Trailboss

    I’m sure you will update this article, but they got the green light to put the coaster right by the Peruvian Express.

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  • Alta Resident

    Kyler, if you want to keep all these “invasive destructive” items in one already developed area why don’t you go slide around in the Kenticott mine. For everyone who wants to “experience nature” by sliding around on man-made infrastructure they’re probably not that supportive of the environment in general. I’m all for some more mountain bike trails but if the basshole needs to build a ROLLERCOASTER as an excuse to get them then I’ll just stick to riding the Albion Basin loop. We’ve already got all those Alta residents pissing in your drinking water, best to keep the construction and erosion of sediments and heavy metals to a minimum.

    • Kyler

      If that’s your opinion, I hope you don’t use lifts or anything man made because that all causes erosion. You gotta earn your turns bro/brah.

    • brian

      i would agree that the coaster is pretty over the top. unlike most of the free world, i actually like expansion of the resorts as long as the current “perimeter” doesnt expand. let them all meet in the middle and the crowd will be more spread out and then we can slap some tracks rails on lcc and bcc roads and get rid of the cars.

      but…. a roller coaster does nothing but create construction for the sake of profits. ugly construction that will encourage an increase in the already mind numbing crowds in lcc

  • brian

    im still convinced that this is a negotiation tactic to allow the restaurant on hidden peak, the twin peaks tram and the mary ellen/mineral basin expansions to appear comparatively low impact. i mean, if they let dick bass build a roller coaster on the peruvian ridge, hes clearly gonna do it. but if i wanted to expand into a whole new drainage, built a new tram and put a restaurant at 11k’, i would definitely be like “oh yeah so we wanna build an amusement park too. oh, too much? k fine, how bout just a new tram. yeah no big deal”

    • Kyler

      In all fairness, the restaurant has had Forest Service approval for well over a decade, possibly 2. They have just now decided to build it. My understanding is this summer the building plans will be finalized and possibly they will start running electric and pipes etc to hidden peak in preparation.

      Also, the coaster will not be on the Peruvian ridge, that is a gross over exaggeration.

      • brian

        true, the restaurant isnt new, but the tram/mary ellen thing is definitely not set yet, and since the land swap plan (superior for mary ellen) seems to be working, it stands to reason that a future “compromise” (like “ok, we wont build a roller coaster if…”) could further sway momentum in the birds favor

        as for the ridge, unless you saw different plans than i did, they want to build this from the keyhole area down towards the bypass road. that structure is peruvian ridge. i didnt mean ON the ridgeline, but certainly utilizing the ridge, yes

      • Kyler

        That is my understanding of the current plan. I am totally alright with them building in Peruvian. The current plan stays off of sacred grounds of Superior and doesn’t cross the scenic highway that is LCC.

        I’m not so much excited for the coaster as I am for the prospect of Snowbird and others being able to expand summer activities. Bike trails, park, etc. Everyone enjoys nature in a different fashion, some want to ride a metal cart down a rail, some like to slide across snow, others like 2 wheels carrying them down hill.

        My feeling is anything we can do to get people out into nature to appreciate it and want to maintain it is a good thing. However we need to keep those very invasive destructive items in one area, that being within already developed areas such as resorts.

        Also, I believe Snowbird is trading sections of land in White Pine for some Mary Ellen terrain. The amount that snowbird is trading, is vastly greater than the ridge top area they are pursuing which is awesome.

  • Niko Woodwarski

    I like it. People can stop bitching about it being on Mt. Superior, and they can get started putting in some gnarly downhill singletrack. More revenue means more downhillin.

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