alpine meadows bought by squaw valley“Home of the….obnoxious Squaw skier?”

YES!  The Rumor Mill continues to spin an immaculate web of KSL (owners of Squaw) and JMA (owners of Alpine) intricacies.  The latest:  KSL & JMA have signed a letter of intent for KSL to purchase Alpine Meadows. A letter of intent is kinda like a house being in escrow, I think.  There is likely someone reading this that can explain it better…please do.

As a North Lake Tahoe resident, you’ve gotta be stoked!  Oh, wait, that is unless you’re a die-hard Alpine skier!  HA F#$king HA!  How much are you Alpine guys gonna absolutely LOVE Squaw skiers and our brackish attitudes of radness coming over to Alpine EVERY SINGLE DAY once Squaw is tracked out?

Once we’re done defacing the intracate crytalized blanket of frozen H2O at our resort, we’re hoppin’ in our cars and comin’ over to your house to finish off what you guys couldn’t get done yourselves!

alpine meadowsWhat Squaw skiers are drooling over at Alpine Meadows.

I’m picturing banter at first:

Ah, these Squaw guys are so lame with their bright colors and misplaced mountain eliteness.”

The banter quickly gives way to heckling:

“Go back to Squaw you mountain wreckers!”

The heckling quickly gives way to outright verbalized distaste:

“Hey, F$%k You!”

And, of course, the outright verbalized distaste will quickly give way to full on brawls:

“POW!”  (see below)

batman and robin pow

The reality that I’m limerick-istically trying to convey here, is that I think Squaw skiers/riders are stoked about this, and that Alpine skiers/riders are NOT STOKED about this possibility. I’m very curious to hear from the Alpine crew on this one…

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  1. Heckler says:


  2. AndyV says:

    Just can’t wait to see the fights erupt. This ought to be more entertaining than front-row seats to the Summer Smackdown.

  3. DT says:

    What people fail to realize is that Alpine doesn’t get tracked out because you have to hike to the goods. And Squaw skiers are just too lazy to hike.

    • James says:

      I don’t know, I’ve seen Granite Peak get tracked out pretty fast.

    • Snob. says:

      having skied alpine and squaw extensively, I can say, without any doubt, that the hike-to “goods” at Alpine, are only marginally longer hikes than the palisades, GCP and mainline pocket….and everyone knows that shit never gets skied at squaw

  4. Sara says:

    A letter of intent is generally a non-binding document that sets forth the mutually agreed to, yet not entirely complete, terms of a proposed transaction. If signed by both parties, it can be a pretty good indicator that a proposed transaction is in the works. Curious to see how this unfolds…

  5. gary says:

    hmmm..mixed feelings about this. on one hand, it’s pretty nice to get freshies every run after a short hike at alpine in the morning, at a relaxing pace..and avoiding the powder morning chaos that is squaw on those days, then going over to squaw and skiing sick lines in the afternoon. but on the other hand, it would also be nice to just buy one pass for both……either way i guess i would be stoked..really stoked if KSL worked something out with troy to connect both!!!

  6. Perd says:

    Not stocked the backcountry at alpine will be tracked out in less than 2 days, stay away!!!!

  7. Old Geek says:

    Word has it that KSL has already negotiated the purchase of Whitewolf from Troy Caldwell. Buying Alpine makes perfect sense.
    They’ve screwed up Squaw in less than a year and will do the same to Alpine shortly.
    Two of No. Tahoe’s finest areas owned by Corporate faces that don’t even live in Tahoe. Screw them!!!
    These two areas were once owned by dedicated men who loved skiing, Alex Cushing and Nick Badami. Now they’re owned by corporate stooges who only love money.
    There won’t be any fights because everyone knows that Squaw skiers are pussies for the most part.

    • Kevin D says:

      You’re right about one thing…
      You’re an old Geek! Things are WAY better now at Squaw than they ever were. They new management is 100 Billion times better and have done more for Squaw in one year than others did in 10! Out with the OLD, in the the NEW!
      You probably have an old Motorola flip phone and a 1982 Toyota pick up too.

      • Jstout says:

        Both these comments are from a particular point of view. Personally i think they F’ed up Squaw in one year. But hey, thats only my point of view. and no i dont drive an 82 toyota and i dont have a flip phone. Progress isnt always an improvment. If it isnt broke, dont fix it.

        • Max says:

          @Jstout: wrong, progress is improvEment….. by definition, smart guy. if you want to argue that Squaw was ‘F’ed” up in a year, argue that point,! How was that the case? I’ll say this to get you started, Squaw is the best mountain I have ever been on, but it needs serious work! Park, shops, lifts, etc, you are making the inference that Squaw if perfect the way it is….. you are crazy!

        • Kevin D says:

          Wow, I guess we started a side debate! Good points from both of you. Jstout, I was just poking at you about the Old Geek thing with the flip phone and 82 Toyota. We have different points of view for sure and all are entitled to our own opinon. From my perspective, Squaw is better now than ever before, and I agree with Max that while, not perfect (what is?) Squaw Valley is the best mountain in Tahoe. I also think the resort itself has vastly improved and most people that I talk with have noticed the much improved culture change. Try it again next year and see if it gets better. I think it will. This year was just a start and the management is learning and improvoing quickly! All the management lives in Tahoe and they all ski.

          Thanks again for both of your comments.

      • SquawCraw says:

        Fact is that KSL did VERY LITTLE at Squaw this year. Other than buying some new snow cats and improving the grooming (a lot), most of the “changes” we saw this year were part of the Ski Corp plan that has been underway since pretty much the day after Alex Cushing died. KSL spent most of the season bringing in people to evaluate the situation and come up with a plan for the future. Next year is when we will see the big changes (if there are to be any) begin. Better crank those binding up to 11, it could be a wild ride!

      • Lando says:

        yea, like 2 hour lift lines…….at least they hand out hot coco…….

        and at least they had a good half pipe this year…….for 6 days……

        and at least all the business owners in the village love them……

        what ever……I just go to squaw to get scene anyway.

  8. InYourFace says:

    Word has it that all Alpine Pass holders this year will have privledges at Alpine. Squaw and Kirkwood. However, all Squaw pass holders will not get Kirkwood in their pass. This means you should probably gobble up an Alpine pass ASAP and ride all three mountains for the same price as Squaw’s pass.

  9. schralpit says:

    Will be super stoked if one pass skis all… AND, KSL doesn’t close Alpine’s boundaries thus taking Munchie and everything else away. Squaw is a better mountain for mid winter conditions. You can have it in the morning on powder days but for wind buff and broken pow… Alpine doesn’t compete. Let’s face it.. the “Squaw Attitude” is just mostly hype and Alpine is way too mellow for you guys anyway!

  10. Assistedbackcountry says:

    Alpine passes don’t include squaw for next year, I think those will be coming for 2012-2013, but they do come with a free kirkwood pass. As an Alpine skier I’ll be thrilled to see JMA go and to have SPU as a more united voice for the passholders. There is no way to get people at Alpine organized enough to stand up to JMA, hopefully KSL will be the lesser of two evils, and a connected mountain would just be heaven.

  11. James says:

    It’s kinda funny, Alpiners don’t really need to worry much. They’ll have at minimum 3-4 hours to make all the low angle pow turns they want before noticing any change in the crowd. No self respecting Squaw skier is going hop over the ridge to Alpine before Granite and Silverado get got. But then again, storm days might be another matter.

    • schralpit says:

      Granite and Silvy?! No doubt Squaw is a better mtn but using Granite and Silvy as your example? How often do they even open Silvy on Pow days (I seem to recall some major bitching from you Squaw folks regarding that topic this year) and good stuff on Granite? BTW: there is plenty of non “low angle” stash at or easily accessible at Alpine

  12. BruHa says:

    As an Alpine and Squaw passholder for the past 12 years and with
    a dual personality disorder to boot, I find my internal dialogue going like this:
    At Squaw: “why the f$$k can’t I hike to XYZ?!? This place sucks! Look how sweet it is out there!”
    At Alpine: ” what the f$$$k dude? GS poles with race baskets potholing on this traverse? Get some goddamn backcountry poles and get tthe f$$k outta my way!”

    Whatever. I’ll be happy to get the Squaw crew over the ridge. Just remember, 1st chair Summit 6 in powder days requires 5 cups of chai latte and organic, gluten
    free, whole wheat with sprouts bagels for your 5 chairmates!

  13. jahn knob says:

    unless i can ski to alpine from squaw i won’t be going back.. skied alpine for 5 seasons.. squaw is more fun…and yes i am lazy and hate to hike for turns…wtf do i pay all that money for a lift ticket for???

  14. Burn it! says:

    Tear Alpine down and make it the biggest village in the USA!! FUCK THAT, THE WORLD!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
    I would totally buy the 50.3 Million dollar 1-bedroom condo at the top of Summit!!

  15. blew says:

    Next up is the purchase of Homewood by Squaw. Then the addition of lifts/BC access connecting Squaw>Whitewolf>Alpine>Homewood which would create the first Alps style ski experience in the US. How does that sound?

  16. craig says:

    say hello to high price passes again for 12-13

  17. Che Boludo says:

    will this mean more telemarketers at Squaw? and more multi-grain potouli power bisquits at Dave’s? i’m having mixed feelings about that. what i’m not having mixed feelings about is riding all day from Granite Peak, to Scott, and ending with a hike to Munchkins. when does Homeweed get thrown into the mix? this all has huge potential

  18. sfd says:

    This is exactly why I’m buying a sled…..

  19. Chris says:

    i feel like squaw skiers are just going to get tired out from all that walking. I know you can’t carry your espresso while you hike with your skis and poles but you’re going to have to sacrifice one to hit up the good stuff..sorry

    • Skatz says:

      All this ski talk… I hike with a latte in my hand all the time and have time to even out the buzz with a hit of weed before you get there because it’s easier to hike in snowboard boots than in fruit boots!!!

  20. Ck5150 says:

    Without Troy’s land in the middle, I don’t see a point in wanting to own both resorts. So is Troy gonna give it up?

  21. jrbroglio says:

    Official word from Caldwell – “I didn’t sell and probably never will. Someone should put this to rest already.”
    If you know anything about Troy – it’s that no amount of money would make him sell that land – it’s not about the millions, or trillions for that matter.

  22. Tahoma43 says:

    Great now KSL will be giving JMA more money to go screw up Homewood and the west shore. No new chairs in Tahoe! Surface lifts only! Art Chapman said the new project in Homewood will create 500 construction jobs and 180 year round jobs. Anybody believe that BS? ULLR RULES!

  23. joemama says:

    Who is the source of this “letter of intent”? I call BS.

  24. rhino says:

    A lot of rediculous comments here. First off, I do believe Squaw has improved since the KSL purchase. The employees have been friendlier and the overall vibe has improved. Anything is better than Nancy running Squaw. As for the hiking, it seems that people have a very short term memory. KSL opened new terrain at Squaw this year for the first time in years, the oregon trail near silverado. So all this bs about munchkins getting shut down is all crap in my opinion. Connecting the two mountains would obviously have to go through white wolf, which has some of the sickest terrain in that valley. This would be the US version of whistler blackcomb in our back yards. That sounds pretty kick ass to me. I don’t believe pass prices would go sky high either. It couldn’t get any worse than what Alex was charging. KSL are all ex Vail guys. They realize that keeping season pass prices low keeps more money flowing through the village. The real estate is where they make their money anyway. The shops in the village have had their best years since the pass prices went down. Not having vacancy in those retail spaces keeps the money flowing for KSL. Bring on the merger. I’m all for it.

    • pdogg says:

      well said rhino. I learned how to ski at papoose at Squaw and took my first chair at Alpine. Been skiing both for thirty years. I think Alpine will have more of a transition problem but if they open all the terraine between mountains it will be sick.

    • Kevin D says:

      Good points rhino and pdogg! Well said and I agree 100%. It’s better than ever! Oregon Trail was a step in the right direction. First time I skied up to it, I was amazed. Patroller was standing there saying “Hey we just opened this, go for it!” Not a huge thing, but it’s a good move. Next year will be even better!

  25. Older than you says:

    Dumbest comments I’ve seen in a while.

  26. I’m going to Vail and sitting this one out! Good luck all and I hope you figure it all out.

  27. Sinecure says:

    Troy already leases the top of KT to Squaw. Why not collect a little more $$ and lease the valley to connect them. Then get KSL to build a real lift where his current towers are (actually, put the bottom of the lift over near the pond or the race shack at the bottom of Kangaroo).

    So my Alpine pass will work at Squaw and Kirkwood next year? FKNA! I heard Alpine instructors were getting new uniforms next season. I wonder if they’ll look like Squaw’s? Does this mean no more funky facial hair on Alpine employees?

    It isn’t April 1 is it?

  28. Sinecure says:

    Tell the Gaffney boys they need to get over to Alpine and assign GNAR points to all the great lines we have. 3rd edition should be fun.

    I’m the best poster on this thread!

  29. alpinedude says:

    We promise not to spill our bongwater on you if you promise not to run us over with your Escalades. We promise to help you break free of your mechanized lift addiction if you promise not to cut us in your massive lines. We promise not to make fun of your latest Aspen fashion if buy us beer. We are crunchy. You are shiny. May the details of the devil’s deal be fortuitous for all. Peace on the slopes.

  30. 530SKIR says:

    Dont pack up your granola and start skinning to another resort yet, Alpine skiers. Since most of Alpines formidable terrain is out of sight of the chairlifts and peanut galleries, and there is still no “Squawllywood” for Alpine that exposes all of the hidden gems to name-dropping gapers who have become ‘Squaw experts’ from the comfort of the couch in their Bay Area homes, Squaw diehards will not be able to gain GNAR points by pole-whacking Estelle or skiing Munchkins naked while taking a piss and thus will have nothing to claim to their fellow egomaniacs at the Chamy afterwards so they will likely stick to the comfort of Squaw. And as for all the ‘squaw skittle thug” park rats- theyre gonna have some catching up to do at the Alpine park after not hitting jumps bigger than 40ft in over a year!

  31. 530SKIR says:

    But the one thing we can all agree on: Whitewolf will be epic!

  32. Seilbahn says:

    Bwahahahaha – this is only the eleventeenth “KSL buys Alpine” rumor this winter. I wouldn’t be putting the razor wire up just yet.

  33. Miles Clark says:

    POWDER MAGAZINE just called my personal cell phone asking about this letter of intent. They wanted details for their own article…

  34. ultrasav says:

    Dude, honestly… I love both resorts, they both offer their own bounty of lusciousness, like pillowy breasts of the sierras. Just like women I like them because they are all unique. I am against them merging.. that is unless white wolf connector opens up. hmmm

  35. rookie says:

    just remember that has to get by Bear Creek home owners who are the ones screwing Troy and keeping him in court. Hopefully this will all work out and we can ski between the two or at least from squaw to alpine.

  36. Vet says:

    I heard from mgmt a while ago that the deal died so ‘has it been revived’?.

    Those who have SV and AM/Homewood season passes hopefully get a refund of one pass as happened when I had a Nstar and a Heavenly pass.

    Why can’t KSL grab title to airspace 50′ over Whitewolf and run a lift through it, without touching the ground. That’s how, in some common law countries, walkovers are built high over roads, to join two adjoining shopping centre towers. Then tell those homeowners, who wanted their private lift and line-jumping privileges, to get lost.

  37. jahsomething says:

    As a Squaw skier I’m definitely not stoked if this is true. For us this deal represents all give and no take. Everybody who skis Alpine will be coming over to ski Squaw, but only gapers will leave Squaw to ski Alpine. Hopefully it’s just a rumor.

  38. Gone2Alpine says:

    Pretty mixed feelings on this one. Until the mountains are connected by chairs, the parking situation will continue to limit the number of skiers and riders at Alpine. It does explain why Alpine is currently building barricades around the resort to keep out the angry masses. There are definitely some potential good things and bad things that could come out of this, if true. We will have to wait and see what comes about. On a good note, it would be a fine time for Unofficial Networks to just take over

    • The Dad says:

      G2A: If you’re talking about the barricades in the parking lot, I know they’ve gone in for at least the past few years.

      I think the potential outcome is mostly good. I don’t expect a deluge of Squallywooders to come over the top of KT after it gets skied out at 9:22. And you have to compare to what Alpine and Squaw would become without a combination, not to what they currently are. My gut is that Alpine is likely to change more slowly if it doesn’t have to compete separately in the destination resort market, and can rely on Squaw for the base village, nightclubs, etc. Hopefully, they’d install a base-to-base gondola with a midstation or two and run it until midnight on weekends. But we’ll see.

      • Vet says:

        Federal legislation could help Tahoe ski resorts expand summer …
        15 Mar 2011 … “This bill will not only increase recreational opportunities but also expand … The bill would modify the National Forest Ski Area Permit Act of 1986. … of defining significant future improvements for the resort as a whole. … We urge Congress to quickly consider this bi-partisan legislation and …

        There could be massive potential imo.

      • Gone2Alpine says:

        I know about the barricades in the parking lot. I spend a lot of days skinning at Alpine in the summer. I was actually talking about the log and snow berm created on the Sherwood side. I think your assessment is level headed and probably right on. It always is.

        • The Dad says:

          Aw, shucks.

          I haven’t been to the Sherwood side since it closed. Interesting.

          Off topic: Squaw is going to run the Funnysmell, Cable Car, Shirley Lake, Gold Coast, and Links over July 4th weekend. Alpine is going to run at least Summit (and probably more, since they’re saying “terrain for all levels”). There’s some nice terrain above Shirley Canyon and such, but for overall challenge, I can’t imagine going to Squaw over Alpine that weekend.

  39. Alpine Meadows says:

    Benson…I can’t believe your a pro skier…you f*ucking suck!!!

  40. Alpine Rocks says:

    Our mountain is better than yours!

    Oh yea, why did you have to premier your GNAR movie at our resort? Oh that’s right, Squaw is for a bunch of tight a$$ elitest. If you want to have real fun come hike for some turns and don’t wait in line all morning!

  41. jeah says:

    listen to all these alpine hero’s

  42. DropCliffsNotBabies says:

    If there is snow to ski on, I dont care where it is. Im hoping for a Sky Tavern/Diamond Peak pass.

  43. Chuck-e says:

    first of all Squaw just posted that this is a rumor, for now anyway. so entire post is pointless – and also utterly immature. why incite negativity with all this ‘my mountain is better than yours’ trash talk? how old are we? one thing you did well, is to illustrate how arrogant Squaw bro brahs can be. nice work! there are enough mountains here for every type of skiier – so relax, ski your mountain, let others enjoy theirs. Squaw is my home mountain but I find comments like these embarrassing.

  44. Poweder Mike says:

    Very psyched about this for Alpine. Now we just need to get the Coldwell’s new lift strung so we can get over from Alpine to KT-22 more easily 1st thing and beat all of the Squaw folks to the top of their own lift in the morning, and then head back once we’ve tracked out the early morning stuff and get bored waiting in line to get our hair blow-dried.

  45. Lance says:

    We have a great community in Truckee/North Lake Tahoe. At Alpine, you can be your own hero. At Squaw Valley, you get to be around heros. Alpine Meadows could use some of that. I like the separate character of the two resorts, but the energy at Squaw is contagious. Alpine is my home ski area, and I love the lack of competition for lines there. But my favorite day of the season was skiing KT-22 in the rain for 3 hours. I just want to keep my job at Alpine and not see a sprawling city get built in that canyon. Bottom Line, we all need to be a little less selfish. It would be nice to see what lines will get thrown down.

  46. taHOE says:

    North shore is way too overcrowded anyway, Ill be at Kirkwood with more snow, slower lifts, and better lines. Let all the bay area pousers pose at sqaw and alpine. North shore=tourist skiers/ South Shore=backcountry bliss

  47. Opie says:

    Been at Alpine all my life, and I’ll say flat out that Squaw is one badass mountain. Since we’re indulging in fantasy with this entire thread anyway, why not just say that Squaw will continue to have the finest lift-served lines in the basin and Alpine will continue to have the sickest ridgelines you’ve ever walked to, even if they are a little short? Let’s not forget that the A/C challenges at Alpine (and yes, Kirkwood) teach Squaw some lessons. Also, in the past handful of years I have seen lines done at Alpine as sick as anything I’ve seen in-bounds anywhere.

  48. Coop says:

    Hola my friends,
    This is nothing but a rumor. Period….
    Tried to post earlier… No fact just pure rumor…
    A bad one at that….

    • Shlamy says:

      Um….No Shit Sherlock…Notice the third word of the post is the word Rumor? Thanks for the recap, though!

  49. Opie says:

    It sure does, and no disrespect intended… I was just looking to emphasize Alpine’s steeps. On second thought….

  50. Jim F says:

    A letter of intent is not comparable to a “house being in escrow.” An “LOI” simple recites an agreement to attempt to reach an agreement and is non-binding. It does however list the broad heads of agreement such as purchase price, financing contingency if any and, usually, an undertaking by the seller to negotiate exclusively with the buyer. It serves as road map to guide the parties toward a “definitive agreement”, which is a binding contract. At that point, the deal has reached the point it might be considered analogous to a house in escrow.

  51. Alpine Local says:

    This is the most horrible news I have ever heard. I have been skiing at Alpine for my entire life and love it every single day. I have never had a good experience at Squaw. The people are rude, the food is way overpriced, it’s horribly overcrowded, and it’s ridiculously snooty. I sure as hell hope this gets turned around some way…


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