Bear 32 surprise attacks a napping Bear 747.
Bear 32 surprise attacks a napping Bear 747.

The bear live cams are full of some pretty exciting action. From belly flops to big fish catches, to adorable cubs and fat grizzlies, it’s hard to go a day without finding something exciting. This clip might be the most exciting I’ve seen in a while, though. Bear 747 (“Bear Force One”), who’s now over 20 years old, was enjoying a nice nap when bear 32 (“Chunk”), who’s likely near 20 years old, decided to pick a fight.

This escalated quickly – while 747 was taking a snooze, 32, low on Snickers bars, made a sneak attack on Bear Force One out of nowhere. This is a wild display of dominance that is happening right before our eyes, unrehearsed, unscripted nature. 32 Chunk is ready to show any bear he’s #1.

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