'Sending', directed by Carlos Mason

Free solos and first ascents get a lot of shine in the world of climbing media but frankly the vast majority of folks who enjoy the sport won’t be attempting anything like that in their lifetime. Bouldering is the much more egalitarian aspect of climbing and I think it deserves our attention just as much as the more showy disciplines. To that end, we recommend checking out this sweet little documentary about Mountain Hardwear athlete Ethan Pringle as he climbs routes from Northern California’s Redwood Forests to the Eastern Sierra’s legendary Buttermilks. The film is directed, narrated, and written by Carlos Mason and he knocked it outta the park. Enjoy.

“For all the rightfully earned attention given to dramatic first ascents, death defying feats, and world-class competition that pushes climbing forward, I feel that much of what makes climbing so deeply fulfilling is unfortunately overlooked. In hopes of shining some light on some of the unrecognized magic of our sport, I share with you the un-graded, life-enriching, authentically emotional journey that I’ve gratefully found in climbing.” – Director Carlos Mason

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