Smoke from the 2020 Calwood Fire in Colorado. Credit: Malachi Brooks on Unsplash

BOULDER, Colorado – A 21-year-old has been arrested for second degree arson after allegedly starting a wildfire near Gregory Canyon at the base of Flagstaff Road in Boulder, Colorado. According to a press release from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, the fire took place on Monday, June 24, with the sheriff’s department dispatched around 9:35 P.M.

The 21-year-old suspect was arrested and brought to the Boulder County Jail after he was found near the location. City of Boulder Fire-Rescue, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Boulder Police Department, and Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks responded to the scene. Fortunately, crews were able to contain the fire to an area approximately 100 feet by 100 feet.

With the Fourth of July approaching, now is a great time to remind people to avoid using fireworks in areas of fire danger, and to make sure all campfires and cigarettes are properly extinguished. Additionally, avoid use of machinery that might spark, like chainsaws or lawnmowers, especially in grassy areas, wooded areas, and on windier days. Also, make sure you’re paying attention to any fire restrictions in your area. You don’t want to be responsible for a wildfire.

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