A girl slides uncontrollably down Mount Whitney.

MOUNT WHITNEY, California – Sliding down any slope uncontrollably is pretty darn terrifying. That’s why having an ice axe while mountaineering can be so important. A self arrest with an axe is much easier than without. Unfortunately, this girl lost her ice axe, so she was sliding down California’s Mount Whitney uncontrollably.

6/6/24- a girl caught on video sliding down the chute in Whitney after losing her ice axe. She was thankfully not harmed physically. Both she and her friend slid down while screaming for help.

To be clear, if you find yourself sliding down a mountain without an ice axe, you should get face down and put pressure on your hands, feet, and knees. Just letting yourself slide will not work. Fortunately these girls wound up unharmed, but it couldn’t have been a fun experience overall.

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