SWBA device for water rescues.

The Public Safety Institute and Submersible Systems (Spare Air) announced the release of the first type-approved Swiftwater Breathing Apparatus (SWBA) designed for first responders in water rescues.

The SWBA device is designed to be mounted on a rescuer’s lifejacket or personal floatation device, allowing for easy access and unobstructed mobility while preventing it from being used as a diving device. Its design is based on the HEED3, originally built to help crews escape ditched aircraft in water.

SWBA® is not a diving system; it provides those extra breaths a rescuer needs to carry out a rescue, such as untangling debris that is entrapping a victim, surviving being swept away through rapids, or giving their teammates that critical extra time needed to rescue them if needed. In swiftwater, everything is measured in how long you can hold your breath; SWBA® gives valuable minutes that can literally mean the difference between life and death.” – Dr. Steve Glassey, Director of Public Safety Institute

The SWBA protects rescuers from inhaling water during sudden immersions into cold water, reduces the risk of swallowing contaminated flood water, provides extra time for rescuers to create an orderly escape, and can be given to individuals in immediate risk of drowning.

We are excited to be working with Dr. Glassey to launch the SWBA® product line. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing the iconic Spare Air system for over 45 years, combined with Public Safety Institute’s knowledge of swiftwater rescue situations, has resulted in a product that we believe will set a new standard for safety in the industry.” – Similarly, Christeen Buban, CEO of Submersible Systems Inc.

The SWBA has a cylinder capacity of 3 cubic feet, providing around 57 breaths (based on 1.5 liter breaths) to rescuers. The device can be purchased directly through Submersible Systems for $895.00, or it can be picked up at an authorized Spare Air Dealer.

The SWBA is just one of several products created by Submersible Systems for a whole host of different situations. The Spare Air acts as an emergency back up for out-of-air emergencies while SCUBA diving, the Spare Air Industrial is designed for above-water toxic air situations, and the Spare Air Escape is designed for escape from noxious fumes created by burning objects.

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