Wakeparadise in Italy

The UNIT Surf Pool is one of the cooler pieces of tech making waves (literally) right now. Taking inspiration from the idea of a hydraulic jump, it claims to create a deep authentic wave feel. Its coolest feature, though, might be its plug-and-play capability. The UNIT doesn’t require a dedicated pool for function. It can just be installed straight into the middle of a lake (and it’s perfectly safe for the wildlife, plus it doesn’t consume any water).

Never thought that I would be surfing a lake in Italy. Thank to a new-ish rapid wave technology called Unit Surf, there is now a wave in a lake just outside of Milan. Wakeparadise is the name of the surf and cable park located right by the Linate airport. What is pretty awesome about this technology is that it can be placed in any body of freshwater that is large enough. It also aerates the water in the lake and helps with water quality even though this lakes water is already really clean to begin with.

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