Frankie MacDonald is a renowned amateur weather forecaster from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. Born on April 24, 1984, Frankie is best known for his enthusiastic and animated weather reports, which he shares on YouTube and social media. Despite having autism, Frankie has gained a large following due to his passionate weather predictions. His iconic catchphrase, “Be prepared!” is widely recognized.

Frankie’s dedication to weather forecasting has earned him admiration and respect globally. His work not only provides valuable weather updates but also serves as an inspiration, showing that one can overcome challenges and make a significant impact.

The Winter 2024/2025 forecast for North America predicts colder-than-average temperatures and above-average snowfall in the northern regions. Southern areas may experience milder conditions with occasional cold snaps. The Midwest and Northeast can expect significant snowstorms, while the Pacific Northwest will see increased rainfall and mountain snow.

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