10th Mountain Division stolen items
10th Mountain Division stolen items

The 10th Mountain Division Living History Group, a group that uses original artifacts where possible to recreate WWII camps and field environments, had their trailer stolen in Englewood on April 13th.

The trailer was full of tens of thousands of dollars worth of authentic WWII artifacts and memorabilia they use to preserve and share the history of the military skiers and mountaineers who trained in Colorado during World War II.

They feared the irreplaceable items were gone for good but this week they got some awesome news, police had found the trailer containing about half of the stolen items. Yesterday they unloaded the recovered items in Littleton, taking inventory of treasures thought to be lost:

No arrest have been made in the case and the Englewood Police are still investigating. If you have any information that could lead to the arrest of the culprits and hopefully the return of the rest of the stolen items please call 303-761-7410.

About the 10th Mountain Division:

The 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) is an elite light infantry division in the United States Army based at Fort Drum, New York. Formerly designated as a mountain warfare unit, the division was the only one of its size in the US military to receive specialized training for fighting in mountainous conditions. More recently, the 10th Mountain has been conducting operations in Iraq and Syria advising and assisting Iraqi Security Forces and People’s Defense Units, respectively.

Originally activated as the 10th Light Division (Alpine) in 1943, the division was redesignated the 10th Mountain Division in 1944 and fought in the mountains of Italy in some of the roughest terrain in World War II. On 5 May 1945, the division reached Nauders, Austria, just beyond the Reschen Pass, where it made contact with German forces being pushed south by the U.S. Seventh Army. A status quo was maintained until the enemy headquarters involved had completed their surrender to the Seventh. On 6 May, 10th Mountain troops met the 44th Infantry Division of Seventh Army.

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