ROMANIA – 72-year-old Scottish tourist Moira Gallacher was attacked and bitted by a brown bear in Romania while trying to take a photo through a car’s open window. According to STV News, the mother bear, who was with a cub, bit down on the woman’s hand and arm, which she says was likely saved because of the thick, padded jacket she was wearing.

What happened was, the bear came up to the window at my friend’s side and no problem. It let us take a picture and went away. But I didn’t get a proper picture, so we went back and it was at my side.” – Moria Gallacher

Moira and her friend, Charmian Widdowson, were headed into the Carpathian Mountains near Vidraru Dam on Monday when the incident occured. The pair came across the bear and cub on the road, stopping to observe and take photos. Gallacher was taken to hospital where she is still recovering, though could be discharged on Wednesday.

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