BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado – If there’s every been a day to Après as hard as you can, it’s this Sunday. Established by Breckenridge Distillery, National Après Day is March 31, designed to celebrate each day’s adventures, whether with whisky neat or a cocktail.

National Après Day can be celebrated anywhere and after anything, from skiing in the Rockies to biking along Lake Shore Drive. Please Après Responsibly.” – Breckenridge Distillery

As a part of the holiday celebrations this year, Breckenridge Distillery is offering an après-focused swag bag to two winners of their #AprèsAnywhere contest. To enter, contestants are asked to sign up for their newsletter and share a photo to Instagram using #AprèsAnywhere. Also, if you’re in the Breckenridge area, you can swing by the distillery to pick up their exclusive ULTIMATE Après Ski Whiskey.

Après, in case you’re somehow clueless to the term, is short for après-ski, a French term that translates to, pretty obviously, after-skiing. There are many ways to partake in après-ski, from clubbing on the mountain, to enjoying some beverages in the hot tub, to shoving down a massive plate of nachos in your favorite on-mountain bar. While it is a skiing-specific term, Breckenridge Distillery hopes to expand the tradition.

“You can après anywhere and anything—not just after a day shredding on the mountain. Just finished a large work presentation or had a long week at the office? Have an après happy hour and celebrate with coworkers and cocktails. Just had an epic day surfing in San Diego? Celebrate the day with an après at the beach. Nailed your interview at the Manhattan office? Pour yourself a whiskey neat!” – Breckenridge Distillery

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Image Credit: Breckenridge Distillery via Instagram

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