“We have total trust in Nick but watching that type of skiing happen in real time is pretty scary sometimes.” –Alex Armstrong

Excellent extended look at an awe inspiring line skied by Nick McNutt up in British Columbia known as the Cadillac Wall. Nick describes the line with bit of understatement:

“It’s this really cool, spiny face, that’s a little complicated.”

More accurately this is a balls the wall technical line with some exposed pepper that could throw a skier for a loop at the worst possible time. Nick greased it with ease, absorbing the compression on that final air like champ and surprised himself once he skied out and looked back at his track. Alex Armstrong summed it well:

“We just all knew that we had all seen something insanely special that might not ever happen again.”

Woowee, that was a hell of thing. To watch the full length TGR film Legend Has It GO HERE: