Many ski areas this winter have struggled to keep their trails and lifts open due to warm weather and insufficient snowfall. Huff Hills, which is the largest ski area in North Dakota, has struggled to stay open this winter due to an abnormally warm winter.

Last Friday, KFYR-TV travelled to Huff Hills to see how they’ve been handling this warm spell. This season has seen a lack of days to make snow, meaning they’ve focused on sufficiently covering only a few trails. In comparison, they had their earliest opening ever last season, and didn’t require much work for the snowmakers to keep the mountain open through the season.

John Thorenson, who’s the Base Area Manager of Huff Hills, described what they’ve done to stay open this season:

“Every time that we’ve had a chance to make snow, we’ve made snow. We’re hoping to maybe make a little more before the end of the season goes, but we’re doing our best to hold on right now.”

At the time that KFYR’s article was published, Huff Hills had 20% of their terrain open. As of February 5th, Huff Hills is currently closed due to “poor snow conditions and warm temps.”

Image/Video Credits: Huff Hills Ski Area, KFYR-TV

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