A round of applause is in order to the folks at SNO-GO Ski Bikes for this incredible homage to an unforgettable piece of historic ski/snowboard media. You may be familiar with a 1985 news report from the slopes of Canada that portrayed snowboarders as existential threats to the general skiing public. SNO-GO absolutely crushed this recreation swapping snowboards for snow-bike. Love the attention to detail from the vintage wardrobe and even the opening credits. So good:

“Skiers and snowboarders have a whole new enemy! These drunken disorderly delinquents are going to ruin the mountain all over again. They have no brakes. They have no seat and they require using your hands! Worst of all, there is zero learning curve! Anyone can jump on a SNO-GO and have instant success riding the slopes. This means all sorts of new demographics and people will be able to access the mountain and its amenities. It’s going to be awful! Resorts need to stop this absurdity before people have too much fun, too fast. Remember, they just don’t want anyone else on the mountain!”

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SNO-GOs, sometimes called ski bikes or snow bikes bring a whole new energy and optimism to winter sports! It’s the perfect fusion of skiing and biking, giving you a thrilling way to conquer snowy terrain! The SNO-GO has three articulating skis, loads resort chairlifts, and has an extremely easy learning curve.

SNO-GOs are designed to put you in the driver’s seat to conquer whatever snowy slopes you want to explore. The front ski allows you to maneuver from the comfort of your hands, while the rear skis provide stability that’ll make you feel like a snow ninja!

To turn, slow down or brake on these ski bikes, simply tilt the SNO-GO on edge by leaning on the handlebars. The edges engage like a professional skier giving even the newest of riders immediate control.

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