WATCH: Professional Skier Rips On 75 Year Old Skis

Can we take a moment to be grateful for our modern ski gear? Sure, ski boots tend to be fairly uncomfortable, but at least they support your ankles and allow us to stay in control while shredding some gnarly terrain. There are all types of skis available for every type of conditions, from the skinnier mogul skis to the incredibly wide powder skis to the ultra-light backcountry skis.

Poles are more solid and collapsable, helmets are actually mainstream, ski clothing in general has gotten much better at keeping us dry and warm, and ski goggles are just so much cooler. There are likely very few people in this world who feel the need to go back to the gear used 75 years ago.

What would a professional skier from today look like on that gear? Would there still be sick tricks in leather ski boots? Would the straight skis of the past be able to handle the big airs tossed by freeride professionals in today’s competitions? Fortunately, we aren’t restricted to just dreaming of this reality anymore, as Tao Kreibich presented a video on this topic just a few days ago.

Sending it on 210cm skis from 1945. Who wants to try?

Kreibich is an Austrian free skier who spent two years on the Freeride World Tour (2020/2021). He’s been promoting his newest ski film, apparently taking place on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. So far, only images have been released in relation to the film, but, personally, I can’t wait to see it.

When you strap into your ski boots for the first time this season, think back to this video and be grateful that you aren’t strapping into leather boots. It should help you get over that early season pain.

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Image Credit: Tao Kreibich via Instagram